Sunday, September 20, 2015

From Fezzik to Buttercup: I've Never Been an Athlete

They say you've got to walk before you can run and I suppose for a girl who is 200 pounds overweight, that's probably to be taken literally. Still, I have this weird (completely weird) desire to just go RUN...so I'm gonna give it a shot. One of these days.

For now, I'm walking. This afternoon I walked five miles!! Half of it was up some pretty steep hills and yeah, I pretty much thought I was going to die.

How do I feel after that extremely exhilarating exercise experience? Dead. I feel mostly dead.

However, I did have some motivating experiences. First, there was the sweet grandma who slowed down to offer me a ride. She looked genuinely concerned for me. So concerned that it made me sort of concerned for her. I declined sweetly. Then there was the very large, very smelly guy who slowed down to tell me he was a taxi service. About 20 years ago, I was turning down rides from sexy cowboys in big trucks. Now I'm turning down rides from fat guys in dirty minivans. Finally, to drive the knife just a little further, I was offered a ride by a fresh and breezy looking blonde who was out for a Sunday drive with her boyfriend. I tried to flash them both my most adorable grin while declining their genuine offer of aid, but it was hard because my face was really purple and swollen and all I could do was sort of drool and keep walking.


  1. It will get better... maybe you should have one of the kids be your walking buddy/guardian! I am proud of you, keep up the good work!

  2. Great job!!! Wish we lived close enough to walk together! :-)

  3. Sarah, there must be a gradual way to so this! My husband and I want to lose weight but we walk a little further each day. And I found if it is too strenuous I am too tired to get anything done at home! It began with half a mile and increased to one mile, going further each day. No aches and pains so far.

  4. You can do it! It's difficult for anyone who hasn't exercised in a while, whether you are at a place you like on the scale or not. I am ridiculously out of shape as is proved when I go walking with fitter friends. My hips complain bitterly the next day! The more often I go, the better I feel, the less winded, the fewer bright colours (usually hot pink!) my face turns. :D I am terrible for not exercising. I recently bought a FitBit just to see exactly how much I move on any given day. It was enlightening and not in a good way! Now I am wearing it to track my steps each day and to see how may minutes I actually spend being active, rather than just seeing the steps from chair to kitchen to laundry room, etc.

  5. Oh, my, bless your dear heart! I surely know how you feel. It is SO hard...sometimes, I feel like it is an impossible mountain in my path, but surely we will get there, if we keep trying to persevere. I am SO proud of you!!!! FIVE MILES!!!! What an accomplishment! I could never manage that right now, but as I said, we will get there! You go, girl!!!!!!! You're doing GREAT!!! Purple face, drool, and all! LOL!! I can SO relate!!! :)

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