Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Prophecy: Mystery or Matter of Fact?

So, would you agree that we are living in the end times? How do you know? Did your pastor say that one Sunday? Did you read about it on the cover of the Weekly World News? Did you see this book on the shelf at some book store and say, "well, we must be 'cause this book thinks we might be!"

I am currently reading LaHaye & Jenkins' book, Are We Living in the End Times?. Apparently, this book is going to educate me on the many prophecies that have been fulfilled regarding Christ's Second Coming. I'm excited. (About the book and the Rapture... :) Why is prophecy so well-clothed in mystery and mysticism? Why do so many Christians shy away from or negate the legitimacy of prophecy? The authors of this book seem to think that it is a fear that has grown out of ignorance. This makes sense to me. We humans are afraid of what we don't understand. Many of us do not understand prophecy. However, prophecy makes up roughly a third of the text of the Bible. We oughta be more afraid of the fact that we are choosing to ignore that huge of a portion of God's Word---for want of understanding.

We have a responsibility to understand prophecy. Why did God allow these things to be written? What do you think? I think it's because he wants to make it so totally clear that he is real and out there and coming for us...he wants us to be ready---and to make sure everyone else is ready as well. Is prophecy mysterious? Should it be examined with care? Well, I think that depends. If you are a Christian, you know that the Word of God is infallible. There is not one error in the Bible. So, can we faithfully trust the prophecy in the Bible? Yes. There is nothing mystical or mysterious about it. The prophecies of the Bible are simply God telling us what he is going to do before he does it. What's so weird about that?

What about prophecies that we read about online or in the magazine aisle? What about prophecies that come from someone in the church or a guest at a religious function? This is where we need to use our discernment and take them before the Lord. Does the person giving the prophecy have a good track record? Does this prophecy line up with what God has already spoken in his word and in my life? Does the prophecy come to pass? If we ask the Lord, he will tell us clearly what to hold on to and what to dismiss.

Here's a challenge: find out what the good book has to say about future events. Take some responsibility for understanding the times and how they line up with what God has spoken in his word. Personally, I'm really excited to begin this study.


  1. I actually have that book, but haven't read it yet. :) The Left Behind series went on far too long and left me bored which might be why I have yet to crack open this one.

  2. Awesome article, very thought provoking since all you said is so very true! I'm excited to hear how the book turns out.

  3. I think some people shy away from making predictions based on biblical prophecy because there have been several incorrect (and well publicized) proclamations. But we are fascinated by it and can't help but want to know more.

    I'll look forward to hearing what you learn in this book!

  4. Just popped in from Bookcrossing. So glad I found this part of your blog! Will be sure to visit more often! justina, aka: DoveiLibri


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