Sunday, November 2, 2008

And Heaven and Nature Sing

Last night as I was finishing up a great book, "Embracing Father Christmas" by Robin Jones Gunn, I jotted down a note about a quote that really spoke to me.

On page 94, one of Jones' characters says: "This is the part of Christmas when we can hear heaven and nature sing".

The thought that occurred to me as I read that was that heaven and nature is always singing. They are always making a joyful noise to the Lord. Although we know that nature does not have a soul...and we know that the angelic inhabitants of Heaven are not created in the same way we are...we can't help but recognize the fact that they were all created to worship God. They can't help it!

Did you know that you were created to worship the Lord as well? Just by our very being, we give the Lord glory. How much more glory we could give Him if we'd structure our lives and priorities in such a way as to praise Him even when we can help it!

If I focus on making my life a song to Jesus, pretty soon I will be oozing with Christ-like-ness!

After pondering the character's quote a little longer, I've come to the conclusion that that instance wasn't a time that heaven and nature sang...instead, it was a time when that character took the time to listen and tune in to the praise that is going on around us all---all the time!


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Mrs. Sarah Coller

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