Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Heart of a Reader

You've all heard me sing the praises of BookCrossing, but let me tell you the downsides that I've discovered since joining this online book-sharing community two and a half years ago.

It used to be that I'd have a few books lying around here and there that needed to be read and that my many bookshelves were lined with books I'd already read or were saving for my kids to someday read. Therefore, I spent a lot of time at the local public library--perusing the shelves, discovering new authors and genres.

I can't tell you the last time I checked out a book from the library---and actually read it.

Since joining BookCrossing, I've been inundated with books of all kinds. I've had so many books pass through my hands that I think they should make up a new Trivial Pursuit game just for me: Book Lover's Edition. I'd be a pro. I'm aware of authors and titles that I'd never have come into contact with before BC.

My many (more) bookshelves are now lined with TBR (to be read) books that I now feel obligated to read. Instead of taking my time enjoying and pondering a book, I often find myself rushing through it just so I can get to the next one...and make room on my shelves for more.

For this next season of my life, I'm challenging myself to stop worrying about quantity read and start focusing more on quality and enjoyment. I think that will make the BC experience, and reading as a whole, much more enjoyable.

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  1. I am dreaming of more book shelves myself. Especially since I keep getting more books for school(the kids', not mine)


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