Friday, November 7, 2008

How to Make a Good Impression

"Vienna Rolls: Just the thing for the newcomer in the community to take to a church supper. Fame will follow her." --taken from The American Everyday Cookbook, 1955.

Well, too bad I didn't read that a few weeks ago! Here I thought I'd have to go get red and purple streaks put in my hair to make a memorable impression at the new church we recently joined. If only I'd read this recipe note first, I could have saved myself a good $200 or so!!

My mom passed this cookbook down to me just a couple months before I was married in 1998. It belonged to her mother, Betty, who received it from her husband, George, in 1955. This baby has been well-used, believe me!

I got a wild hair (no, no puns here...) tonight to browse through it as I hadn't opened it up for several years. Both my grandmother and my mom had written little notes throughout---births, deaths, divorces...x's by things that were good. On an inconspicuous spot on one of the first few pages, I found a little note: "Betty + George".

I couldn't help but add to the page my own little note for generations to come: "Sarah + Jamie".


  1. At least your hair is not purple!
    And you aren't pregnant.

    Whoops! Part of that is right. ;-)

    I am sure you are making a great impression on the new church just by being who you are. There are wonderful people there- and I am sure they would wolf up the rolls too.

  2. That cookbook sounds priceless, thanks for sharing about it.

  3. Oh - you make a great impression by being you. :) Love the history behind the book. How neat. :)

  4. I am so glad you appreciate and are using this book. My mom (your gramma) gave it to me when I was first married in 1975! She had already used it well by then! Love, mom


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