Tuesday, November 4, 2008

More On God's Will

Tonight we were visiting with friends about the election tomorrow and the fact that Obama could very well be in power over this nation very soon. We're all a little uncomfortable with that for many reasons but that's not the point of this post.

The comment was made that if Obama does take the presidency then we just have to remember that God is in control and it must be his will that Obama be our next president.

I'm not sure I totally agree with that. It kind of goes back to when I lost the baby last fall. Was that God's will? Or was it his will that I carry that baby to term and have it be healthy and strong? Of course, I'd like to believe the latter---but is it true?

I think it is. I think that God's will is much different than what God allows. If we believe the Bible to be literal and true then we know that God had a much different idea about mankind's role when he first created us than what we've become. Since we messed up the original design that he willed, his perfection has required that he bring a consequence for that. Unfortunately, the most terrible consequence is death. But, he has also chosen to allow different circumstances to come about in order to redeem "that which was lost" as they say.

So in my mind, it's not so much that God would want Obama or McCain or whoever else in power...it's not that he would will it...but just that he would allow it---in order to bring about circumstances that will eventually lead to redemption.

For one who takes end time prophecy literally, it's easy to see how an Obama presidency could lead to the redemption of our physical bodies very shortly...but that's an idea for another day!


  1. I think there IS a distinction between what is God's will for us and what God allows to happen. We do have free will after all and are free to do really stupid things if we want.
    You did a good job in separating and explaining the two.

  2. I agree - there is definitely a difference between God's will and God's allowance of things. Good thoughts. :)


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