Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My Bible Story Hour

This evening I was thinking about how I came to learn the stories of the Bible. I wasn't raised in a church-going home but I went to several different churches with friends throughout childhood. I understood the basics of salvation and the importance of prayer and knowing scripture...but I was completely in the dark about all of the wonderful stories in the Bible.

Eight days after I was married, the associate pastor of the church we went to asked me if I was interested in teaching the preschool/kindergarten class at their Christian school. I was a little taken aback...for one thing, my life wasn't lining up with Christ as it should be---and for another thing, I was only 18 years old!

But, of course, I said yes! I was given the material soon after that and had about 6 weeks to prepare. I was pretty confident in myself and the year started off fine.

However, it didn't take long for me to realize that I could teach these kids lots of facts about math or science or reading or history...but I didn't know Bible basics. What kind of a girl agrees to teach a group of young children in a Christian school, knowing that she doesn't even know one Bible story to tell them???

Lucky for me, my husband had grown up in that same school and had attended church all his life. He knew the Bible front to back and had a strong relationship with the Lord. So we started a new habit.

Every night before bed, I'd ask him to tell me a Bible story. I didn't want some long, drawn-out theological treatise---just a basic story as one would tell it to a young child.

So he'd come up with stories that he remembered from childhood and I'd be fascinated! It was so amazing to hear of all of these great men and women of God! The one I remember him telling the most was the story of Samson. (It just occured to me that there could have been a little bit of a link there between me and Delilah...but surely he wasn't hinting at anything??? :)

I've now read the Bible through several times and have spent lots of time in certain books of the Bible. I've taught young children in several different settings consistently for 11 years now. There's not really a need for my husband to tell me a Bible story before bed...but I think I might ask him tonight...just for old times sake.


  1. Those grand old stories- that are still so interesting!

    I didn't learn them as a kid either but I know most of them well now after reading the children's bible for so many years now. :-)

  2. Would like to see more stories like this one on this blog. You have good things to say


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