Thursday, January 1, 2009

A Year of Change

Well, here we are in a brand new year; I, personally, feel a lot of hope and anticipation for this new season!
There are at least two big changes coming for our family this year. First, we will be welcoming baby #6 to the family in early March. Soon after that, we'll be gearing up for a move...somewhere... My husband has decided it's time for us to pursue buying our first home this spring!
I've made a few resolutions, six actually, that I will attempt to follow throughout 2009. Here they are:
1. Read 60 books
2. Read the Bible daily
3. Stay on Weight Watchers 3 consecutive months: start day to be determined after baby comes
4. Make monthly blogging goals and stick to them
5. Offer at least one fresh fruit and one fresh vegetable to my kids each day
6. Continue to make myself accountable to online group of friends for daily goals
Anyone else care to share their resolutions?

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  1. I can't wait to meet the little one. :) great goals. I should blog mine tomorrow. :)


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