Saturday, August 21, 2010

Unexpected Treasure! Pink Saturday

It's a beautiful Pink Saturday! Please visit Beverly's blog, How Sweet the Sound, for more Pink Blogging! Also, I'm hosting a giveaway so feel free to enter when you're finished enjoying my post!

Our church is having a yard sale tomorrow so it's been a busy week of sorting and pricing items to get ready! This afternoon, as I was just about ready to round up my kids and head home, I asked my friend who was working with me if there was anything left to price. She gestured toward a closed up box and said, "you can see what's in that one."

Boy did I score!!! That box had to have been waiting for me! It was packed full of fancy English teacups, Lefton figurines, depression glass, and other vintage items.

I've sorted out the pink ones and will be featuring them today. If you're interested, visit me again on Thursday when I post the rest of them.

My favorite one is this pretty girl figurine made by Lefton. The bottom says, "Marika's Originals by Lefton" and the number is 4662. She's in perfect shape and has the prettiest look to her. I just love her!

Next are two pretty English china cups made by Queen's. There's actually about 6 or 8 of these all together but these are the only ones with pink on them! One website said this about Queen's china: "
Queens can trace its history back to 1795 and remains today one of England's best loved china brands. Renowned for its high quality bone china tableware, Queens retains a classic English style which is recognised throughout the world." I look forward to seeing if I can track down matching saucers.

Another neat pairing are this boy and girl figurine set. I'm not sure about the origin of these but there is a marking of a running animal on the bottom (maybe a deer, maybe a dog?) Anyway, the boy has been chipped in a few places but the girl is in excellent shape.

Lastly, there's another figurine pair that I don't think actually came as a pair because the markings underneath are different. The underside of the man figurine says, "Made in Occupied Japan". The bottom of the girl says, "hand painted in Japan" and features a mark that is a flower with an "H" in the middle.

Here is what one website said about the "occupied" marking: "
Although the occupation of Japan officially ended in 1952, the occupied japan mark may have still been used on products shipped over the next couple years. I have read that because of the continued use of equipment created during the period of occupation, the Occupied Japan marks were included on some items as late as 1955."

I've got the perfect place to display these treasures as I'm revamping an old hutch I found at Salvation Army for $15! I'll post it in a week or two when I get everything done and set up!

I'd like to introduce you to three of my favorite Pink Saturday posts from last week. Please take the time to read them and comment!

To begin with, I was super impressed by Valerie's Crazy Quilt blog, The Pink Bunny. Take a minute to visit her and find out what purpose this gorgeous quilted bunny serves.

Secondly, I drooled over Jacqueline's Strawberries and Cream Cupcakes at Purple Chocolat Home! Aren't they beautiful? YUM! Head over there to get her recipe and see more gorgeous photos!

Finally, Amy shows of her gorgeous china painting talent at Vintage Porcelain Art. She hand paints these pieces using a vintage method. I seriously got choked up looking at her blog---her pieces are that beautiful! Can you imagine owning something like that? Awesome.

Happy Pink Saturday!
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  1. Dear Sarah,

    I love your unexpected treasures! I posted one of your pictures on my blog this morning.

    Have a happy Pink Saturday,


  2. Wow what a find, you DID score for sure. I can not imagine 'getting rid' of such beautiful things. Glad they found a loving home.
    Happy Pink Saturday.

  3. LOVED your post. OMG all those gorgeous vintage pieces in one box! You must have felt like you hit the motherlode! lol Thank you for shariing. come by my blog and sign up for my Fall Giveaway

  4. Well you sure did hit the mother load. Can't wait to see it all!


  5. What fun surprises, how fun was that? Thanks for featuring me. I wish I had a cupcake right now. I loved the crazy quilt bunny too, it is so gorgeous. Have a great Pink Saturday and a lovely weekend.

  6. Hi Sarach, Happy Pink Saturday! wow...you really did score with those charming old pieces. Church sales are my favorites. Most of the churches around here have their sales in the Fall and I can' wait. xo

  7. Hello Sarah, Lucky you to discover some lovely vintage things. I love each one you posted. A great find.

    The blogger's you featured are all sweet. I wish I could visit more Pinkies. I'm trying.

    Hugs, Jeanne

  8. HPS! What delightful treasures! Those cupcakes! Yum! I love the blog! I hope you will come join me soon! Anne


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