Friday, November 19, 2010

Praying for Pink! Pink Saturday

Welcome to another beautifully pink Pink Saturday! Here in the far north of Washington state, we're expecting snow---but so far, only experiencing rainy, rainy cold! Which means...I get to stay home and relax today! Yahoo!!! My husband has a three-day weekend and is planning on putting up Christmas lights while I relax on the couch and read Pink Saturday posts! The kids are having a free day to just play and hang out...it will be great!

Friday afternoon, my four-year-old Selah and I had a mother-daughter day. We went to lunch at a "fancy" restaurant (Denny's!!!) and then went scouting at Salvation Army and grocery shopping at Fred Meyer. While we were at lunch, as I was cutting up Selah's chocolate-chip pancake, I suddenly became very panicked about a neat pink tray that I'd seen at an antique store. I've been looking at this tray for almost a year now and just keep telling myself that I'd get it later. Today it occurred to me that the tray is Christmas-themed and will thus likely be snatched up by someone really soon!

Believe it or not, I stopped right there and actually PRAYED for "my" tray! I wanted it so bad and was panicking that it would be gone before I could go get it! So...even though Selah was super sleepy by the time we were done at Freddy's, we made a quick stop at the antique store and....LUCKILY....it was still there!!!

Isn't it cute? I just love the angels, the gold, the vintagy-ness of it all! :) I'm thinking 1950s. The tray was made by Nashco. There's a black one selling on Ruby Lane for $18 and mine was $12.95. Perfect start to my "Shabby Christmas" collection!

At Salvation Army, we found several cute pink things. My favorite find there was this neat covered serving dish---just in time for Thanksgiving!

It's difficult to see the pink in this photo but the roses are very pale pink. This piece is made in Japan by Sheffield fine china. It's nice and heavy with not a mark on it! It's about 9 or 10 inches across so can hold a good amount of stuffing, potatoes, hmm...well, at least a serving's worth for each of us! :) A little snooping online allowed me to find several more pieces to match it so I might just have to pick some up!

Another S.A. find was this cute rose mug. I just needed something pretty for my cocoa this winter! It was made in England by Duchess and is from the pattern called "Marie".

Here is a set of cute flowery hearts we found at S.A. I'm not so totally sure about the wire/twig/hangy-thingy...but I'll figure out something cute to do with them!

Lastly, this sweet little box is from S.A. too---but the Salvation Army in Pendleton, Oregon instead. I bought this while I was down visiting my mom in September and forgot to blog it! Not sure what I'm going to do with it yet, but I really think it's adorable!

Hope you all enjoy your Saturday!


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  1. Very pretty and a good bargain too. Have a nice weekend.

  2. All the things you bought are so pretty! I love the pink tray. It is snowing in Vancouver, BC.

  3. Enjoyed visiting your blog today and seeing so many different pinks.

  4. Sarah, love all your pinks, especially the little box with the birdies! Happy Pink Saturday and Happy Thanksgiving! :) mercedes

  5. Good Morning Sarah,
    You are so funny!!! making my fish swim in a figure 8, nothing like doing tricks for your treats!!
    I love your plate I can see why you almost paniced by not getting it.
    Yes, most definately, bring out the pink cowboy boots.
    Happy Pink Saturday, and everyday,

  6. Love the tray and all your great finds. Good for you! I am somewhat new to PS; wishing you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving. Terri - www.morningdewdrops.typepad.com

  7. What a good bargain- it was meant to be for you!

    Happy PS!
    In Shoes We Trust,
    Maggie Mae @
    "Do these shoes match this purse?"

  8. Hi Sarah,
    happy pink saturday to you, too.
    so glad you popped over so that I could find you and your lovely blog.
    your pink treasures a soooo pretty. Although i have a soft spot for china i guess your tray is my fave.
    We do not have SA shops. too bad otherwise I'd definitely visit them often in search of lovelies.
    congrats on your blog. it's super neat and a very pleasant place to visit.
    have a great weekend!

  9. Those pinks are really pretty. Love that tray too. Happy Pink Saturday and also Happy Thanksgiving.

  10. I'm glad you got your tray. I too know the panic of realizing you want something you didn't get ant the antique store and have to hurry to get it before someone else finds "your" treasure.

    I like the little container too, but all your pink things are very nice!

  11. Happy Pink Saturday. Your tray is lovely.

  12. They're all pretty dearie...

    Happy PS!

  13. Hello,
    You are very thrifty and your covered bowl will be just wonderful for mashed potatoes during the holiday dinners. Thank you so much for visiting My Cozy Corner.


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