Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Treasures: Vintage Thingie Thursday

Welcome to Vintage Thingie Thursday! I've not participated in awhile as I've been so busy with school work (I take college classes online) but I figured I'd have lots of time to read posts while I'm doing kitchen stuff so I decided to link up today! Happy Thanksgiving to everyone here in the US and Happy Super-Duper Late Thanksgiving to the Canadians!! Ha!

I put together a post with several of my favorite Thanksgiving/fall decorations. My son, Michael (9), has been very concerned that I would decorate for Christmas too early and not have all our Thanksgiving decorations up for the big turkey day! Well, they're still up...but the Christmas boxes are sitting in the living room all ready to be opened up as soon as dessert is cleaned up!

Here are a few special things that I've put out for Thanksgiving. Most of these are actually new to the decoration stash this year. Since fall features my favorite colors: browns, greens and rust colors, several of these things are displayed somewhere in my house all year.

This cross stitched picture was done by my husband during our first year of marriage in 1998-1999. I was just beginning to decorate in sunflowers and he wanted to make something that would go with my things. This was back in the day when he was working part time and we had no kids so he had lots of time to do stuff like that! Now he's working 50-60 hour weeks and is busy taking college classes online and being a Daddy to 7 kids!! (Not to mention an EXCELLENT husband!! So thankful for Jamie!!) Anyway, I just put this in a frame last month...isn't that terrible?!

This neat box has a vintage-look Thanksgiving scene on it. My mom got it for me last year on my birthday---which is at the end of October. I really love it! The two gold turkey candle holders were found last week at my favorite antique store. The candles are from The Country House catalog.

I love this antiquated bird---no, it's not a Thanksgiving bird, but I put it in my Thanksgiving vignette to honor my new friend, Karla, who loves birds like I do! I am so thankful to have met her and her sweet family! She has really been a blessing to me these last couple of months. The candle is pumpkin spice from Walmart (a store that I rarely frequent now that Karla has turned me on to Fred Meyer---see, told you she was great!)

Here is a little photo of my Great-Grandmother Annabelle---she's the one whose dishes I have. (If you haven't been following, you can read about those here and here). The tea cup is a little thing I found in a box of antiques at our church yard sale. The napkin ring goes on my table here in a little bit!

Lastly, I wanted to show you my darling Thanksgiving set that I bought last year at a Christmas bazaar in Pendleton, Oregon. I just think this is adorable---it's one of my most precious Thanksgiving decorations!! (Yes, that is a pencil to the right in the Romanian vase...my son is decorating too!)

Would you like to know my family's top-secret heirloomed recipe for Date Nut Pudding? It's not really pudding---more like...stuff. Anyway, it's super-yummy and my kids' favorite part of our Thanksgiving meal! You can find it here. This recipe is definitely vintage...my Grandma Betty found it in a magazine in the '50s.

Have a wonderful day everyone!


  1. I enjoyed visiting you blog and seeing all your neat vintage goodies.

  2. Wow...impressed your hubby did that!! It looks wonderful as with all your things you showed today. Happy VTT!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving Sarah and family!

  4. Your Thanksgiving display is just right! I need to work on my fall/autumn displays. I had such an AVERSION to losing summertime that I would refuse to decorate for fall! (Stubborn gal, I am!)

    Thanks so much for stopping by for Pink Saturday! Best of luck with school.

    Bella Rosa Antiques


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