Sunday, April 10, 2011

My "Attic Experience"

Smiling SallyA friend and I were recently discussing the importance of making a record of our lives for our descendants.  We talked about how there are different ways of doing this:  journaling, diaries, blogging, etc.  I told her how I'd always dreamed of going up into my grandmother's attic someday, discovering an old dusty trunk in the corner, and opening it to find a stash of diaries, clothing, pictures and other special and forgotten items.  (Nevermind that none of my grandmothers had attics during my lifetime, and anything they would have hidden would have long ago been discovered by my mom or her sisters!)

Last month I went home to Eastern Oregon to visit family and, believe it or not, I had what I call an "Attic Experience"!!!!  

My grandma Betty passed away in March of 1987 when I was just 7 years old.  I have just a few memories of her...even though we spent a good amount of time together.  Now, almost 25 years later, my uncle is going through her remaining things.  He invited me up to her old place to see if there was anything I was interested in keeping.  I'll not go into all the details of that day...but will just say that several things happened to help bring back a few more happy memories of my childhood with grandma.

At one point, my mom was going through kitchen cupboards and I just happened to look up as she opened one.  That's when I had my "attic experience", for there on a shelf, set away and forgotten, was MY CUP!

I had a very special little cup that I always used at grandma's house.  As far as I know, it's the only one she had like it.   Before discovering it in grandma's cupboard that day, I had seen ones like it in antique stores and felt there was a memory there somewhere but never knew how to place it.  

I'm sure I don't have to explain the overwhelming emotions that came over me at seeing that little glass---it was definitely unexpected---that little cup just waiting for me for 25 years!

From what I can find online, this is a "Swanky Swig" glass.  These were put out between 1930 and 1950 or so as promotional items from companies, namely Kraft, and were filled with things like jelly, Miracle Whip, cheese spread, and more.  Mine appears to be one that was made in 1937 either by or for Kraft.  One just like it but with black flowers recently sold for $150!  (Of course, mine is priceless and will be sticking with me as long as either of us is in one piece!)

I'm so thankful for my wonderful experience that day!  I just finished snacking on my little milk and cookies treat and am off to visit some other Blue Monday participants!  Stop by Smiling Sally's blog and visit too if you've got a few minutes.  I'd also love to hear about your own "attic experience"!



  1. Mom said on Facebook:

    "the neat thing about your cup being from 1937 is that it was also the year grandma Betty was born!"

  2. Oh Sarah, What an amazing story! I remember when I was a kid, we had these glasses that they used to give away when people had milk delivered. It sounds so funny, but they were plastic and had burlap on them...I don't know why I liked them so much--But, after reading your post, I know it's because it reminded me of happy times!

  3. What a wonderful attic experience, Sarah. Thanks for sharing it with us...Christine

  4. Your experience is wonderful.

  5. Hi Sarah,
    After I got your note, I went and found pics of the glasses online--I couldn't believe it...I emailed you a pic! lol

  6. It is nice to see old stuff that we can still use and reconnect us from the memories of childhood days. that is a nice cup. Visiting for blue Monday!

  7. I remember those glasses; we called them "jelly glasses." I'm glad that your's is blue!

    Happy Blue Monday, Sarah!

    Be sure to check out my book giveaway.

  8. Hi Sarah, thank you for visiting one of my sites. Wow that cup is something that you can pass o from generation to the next, very sentimental.

    About your ? for my daughter's nick nae, I just called her that because we used to wrap her up like a burrito when she was a baby hehehe so I just thought of using it online.

    I am now following your blog. BTW, she has her own blog too.

  9. Hi Sarah, Thanks for stopping by, I love the post you just shared about your memories about Grandma, all Grams want to make memories including this one. I remember glasses like that and they were jelly jars as we had them also. What a wonderful trip down memory lane. Have a great day and hugs, Marilou

  10. What a great post... your brought me to happy tears!
    Have a wonderful week!

  11. Hi Sarah!

    Thank you for visiting my blog for Pink Saturday and for leaving your sweet comments. I loved your sweet card tutorial and lemon muffin recipe you shared. Thank you so much for sharing that with us. I also loved your great story about the "attic experience". Thank you for your inspiration. Blessings to you!
    Love Tammy

  12. These are the kind of stories I dearly enjoy. Nothing like a real life experience. What a treasure and filled with precious memories.

  13. Hi Sarah!
    Thanks for the visit today - so nice to meet you :)
    I loved reading about your attic experience. I have some old aluminum measuring cups that belonged to my Grandpa which also hold some wonderful memories :)

  14. Thank you for visiting my blog, and beeing kind enought to leave a nice comment!
    What a beautiful "Attic Experience" you´ve told here today! Really emotional.

  15. What a delightful story, Sarah. That little glass is really cute but more important is the meaning behind it.
    Blessings, Beth


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