Friday, May 6, 2011

Curious Baby and a Giveaway!

Update:  I'm pleased to announce the winner of my Giveaway:  Kerrie from Kerrie's Home Journal!  Congratulations and thanks for your interest in my blog!

Last fall I bought this beautiful vintage dish while visiting my mom in Oregon and placed it on a pretty hutch in the living room...

Last week, Liam, who will turn ONE next Thursday, learned how to stand up in his play pen...
Do you see where this is going???

No worries... I found a wide-mouth canning jar and glued the top to the lid---added some lace---and all is well!
I think I even like it better now!

In addition to that little project, I've spent the morning working on a few crafts to send to one blessed reader at the end of May!  
I've got a pretty tag with a little fawn on it (he's got a pink cake on his head...Ha!), a hanging pocket with a springtime scene, an embellished glass bottle (readers will remember this was my "drink me" bottle...I'll find another one... :), and a clothespin magnet with a pretty flower attached.  

I'm participating in The Twice Remembered Cottage's 5th Annual Cottage Charm Giveaway.  All you've got to do to enter is to leave a comment on this post.  Everyone has once chance to win.  If you don't have a blog, just leave a comment with your email address (unless I know you personally) and I'll contact you that way if you win.  Giveaway open to US residents only due to shipping costs.

Visit The Twice Remembered Cottage for more great giveaways throughout the month of May. Also, it's Pink Saturday time again so make sure to visit Beverly and all the other Pink Ladies for a cheery weekend!


  1. Hi Sarah! I love your new jar look! The lace is so pretty and frilly and that boy is going to get into a lot more things! Hee Hee! Love it that he is so precious and beautiful. I enjoy your blog and this giveaway is sweet! Have a terrific weekend, a wonderful Mother's Day and please enter me in the giveaway. Hugs Anne

  2. What a clever idea to recycle the broken dish lid. :) Love the sweet crafts you made. I wanna make things purtier here. Sigh. Work first then play. ;)

  3. You are so clever! Happy Mother's Day!!

    Susan and Bentley

  4. Hi Sarah! It took me a while to get to your give-aways because I couldn't take my eyes off that beautiful baby! Then I read you are a home schooling mom of 8! WOW! I am impressed.

    I think the best part of The Cottage Charm Give Away is meeting new bloggers and readers like yourself.

    Please enter me in your lovely giveaway. I know just where I'd use these pretties. :)


    PS Happy Mother's Day!

  5. I'm glad you could salvage your piece! Such wonderful thongs in your giveaway!!!!! Have a great weekend!

  6. Glad you were able to fix it!!! Your giveaway goodies are so neat-what creativity!

  7. Glad you were able to fix it!!! Your giveaway goodies are so neat-what creativity!

  8. Hi Sarah and Happy Pink Saturday and Happy Mothers Day!

    I love the jar with the pretty lid....I think I like it best that way, too!

    Your giveaway is so sweet!

  9. Hi Sarah, It's so nice to meet you thru Pink Saturday. My husband and I have a little collection of porcelain powder dishes very similar to the one you show here. None are perfect; many of the roses are chipped but we love them anyway. I love what you have done with yours and the jar. Liam is so cute. I wish you a very happy Mother's Day.

  10. Happy PS! That's a neat way to fix a broken ornament!

  11. I do love the new look. As a mom I smile at the memory of Liam standing up and of course pretty things go smash. I love your attitude of just redoing it another way and such a pretty way. That story will be one you will be telling the women who marries your son some day. I know....cause I have done something very similiar. But for you...those years are so far away. Enjoy your precious Liam. BTW my son is deployed in Europe with the AF and I miss him so that is why I am a bit sentimental about this darling post.

  12. What a very creative way to reuse the lid to the jar - you're offering some wonderful crafts for this giveaway!
    Thanks so much,

  13. Mom said on Facebook: "Very creative way to save the dish! I like your attitude. The "drink Me" bottle is so cute and I love the colors you chose for your pocket!!"

  14. Hello friend!! Thanks for visiting my blog, and for your wonderful advice!! Thank you so much!!
    Happy Pink Saturday to you too!!

  15. Hi Sarah, I always love checking your blog to see your latest little "treasures". I think we'd love going to yard sales and thrift stores together and looking for more little treasures. :-) Please enter me in the drawing for your cute crafts. :-) Thanks!

  16. LOL I think all of us who had toddlers learned how to go with the flow and make the best of broken things...you did a great job .
    ...and what beautiful creations you are giving away too !


  17. Hi Sarah, I think this may be some practice for what is yet to come your way. I am sorry for the break, hopefully you can mend the pretty piece. It would make a lovely conversation piece in years to come.
    Love what you have created and someone will be very lucky. Happy Pink Saturday and a very Happy Mother's Day, Char

  18. Sarah that jar topper is a fabulous idea! How cute & clever. You 'fun' life is just beginning.
    Have a beautiful Mother's Day weekend.

  19. That little fellow decided you needed a different look for that container. It looks nice this way.

  20. Hi Sarah,
    Oh gosh, I remember when my son did that when he was little with a porcelain musical bird~I love what you created! And your little sweetie is so adorable!! And so are the precious treasures you made.

    WOW, Happy Mother's Day to you!!!


  21. I have to say I like it better too! See, everything happens for a reason, ha! What a sweet give-a-way too!

    Happy PS and Mother's Day,

  22. Hey Sarah

    Great Mom - always finding a way to make things better:)

    I'd love to win your fab giveaway so count me in my friend!

    Happy Mother's Day!

  23. Oh my...we have a Liam too and he'll be two in June...he is a terror on wheels...LOL I swear that when he walks into my house he scopes everything out. Not only is he a toucher but he likes to eat things that are really not edible!!

    Your giveaway items are awesome! I just love homemade things..thanks so much for sharing!

  24. I love your prize! What a clever idea to use such a pretty jar lid. How very clever indeed!

    Thank you for hosting!

  25. HI Sarah~
    Well, you have learned that age old secret - necessity is the mother of invention. I think that I had one or two things that got broke as well, but not sure I was as creative as you - nice job!
    have a blessed Mother's Day!

  26. Hi Sarah,

    I've had EXACTLY the same experiences with my little ones as they suddenly learnt to do the next step. I remember one of my favourite jugs getting broken. Surprisng how long there little arms can reach!!!

    Still, I think cracks add extra charm, don't you think?!!

    And what gorgeous craftiness you're giving away. Thank you!!


  27. Happy Pink Saturday
    Your Upcycled jar looks fabulous.
    Lynne M

  28. I like it better, too.:))
    Your boy is so precious.:)
    Happy Mother's Day.
    xo bj

    I love your cute blog and am signing up to follow. :)

  29. What a clever solution. Thank you for stopping by. HPS!

  30. ingenious solution!

    Happy Mother's Day!

  31. First I have to say that little Liam is too cute! Can't get upset with face like that! Wow you are one smart girl to transform something broken into a real beauty! Happy Mother's Day & Pink Saturday!

  32. Happy Pink Saturday Sarah, You did a great job rescuing the lid. Your give away prizes look lovely. Have a Happy Mother's Day! Warmly, Linda

  33. It's part of motherhood, broken items!! But you made lemonade out of lemons......the new jar is adorable!!!!
    Please enter me in your giveaway!!!

  34. Hi Sarah, thanks for visiting my blog. Happy Pink Saturday and Happy Mother's Day to you !

  35. That was a very good idea. At least you have kept the beautiful lid. Happy pink Saturday and happy mothers day

  36. Love your creative recycle! Very clever. Happy Mother's Day to you!

  37. Hi Sarah! You certainly made lemonade from lemons :) That is such a creative and pretty solution. Have a lovely weekend and a very happy Mother's Day! Terri

  38. Cute tags, and I love that dish! Clever way to rescue it. Happy Mother's Day!

  39. Hi Sarah, It's to bad Liam is so darn cute. You'll just have to keep him anyway! Great save on your pretty.

    HPS & Happy Mother's Day


  40. I see you know how to make lemons into lemonade...how can you be mad at that sweet face anyway!?! Happy Mother's Day to you!


  41. Happy Pink Saturday!

    Well, you certainly are very creative.
    Love how added a new to the jar, it looks great!

    ~ Gabriela ~

  42. Great little giveway loot you have there!

  43. I love handmade items and your projects are so pretty I hope I win. What a creative way to use the unbroken lid. Thanks for the chance to enter your giveaway.

  44. Hi Sarah,
    I love what you did with the jar. It looks beautiful all over again. Thank you for visiting my blog. I am very new at this and so love every visit. Happy Mother's Day!

  45. You did a great and beatuiful solution,Sarah. Your baby is so cute! Please comoe to my current blog and enter in my giveaway....Christine

  46. What a great way to fix an oops!!

    Happy Mother's day!

    bee blessed

  47. I'm so glad you stopped by to visit me ... cause now I've found you! What a creative way to use that broken dish! I have a friend who takes broken pieces and glues them to pretty plates. Eventually the plate is filled with all these neat dimensional pieces and it is a beautiful piece of art! Don't throw your broken piece away! Thanks for sharing.

  48. What a sweet blog!! I love the vintage dish, so glad you could repair it! Thank you for visiting my blog and congrats on your daughter -to-be!! Hope you are having a wonderful Mother's Day! Blessings, Kerrie

  49. What a sweetie pie...Liam is adorable! Thanks so much for visiting and for your sweet comments...Happy Mother's Day!

  50. Thank you for visiting and for the lovely comments. I love your baby, he's so very cute! Beautiful lace, I like that. Have a beautiful MD and hope you egt all you deserve!

  51. Awesome1 That was some quick thinking! :) Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day! :)


  52. It looks great on the jar. It's nothing but pure trouble once they can move around! But they're so darned adorable they make up for it! Happy Pink Saturday and Happy Mother's Day to Liam's Mommy!

  53. I adore your giveaway for Cottage Charm! and I love how you saved the day with the ball jar...quick thinking!!
    Thanks also for posting my button for the Cottage charm giveaway. Best of Luck :)

  54. Hi Sarah! Nice to meet you, can't wait to read and see more of your blog! Your jar is very charming, cute idea!
    Have an awesome week!

  55. You're so creative! The jar looks very pretty.

  56. Your new jar is very pretty! What a lovely giveaway. Please enter me! Have a wonderful day!

  57. Beautiful giveaway. Hope I win!!!


  58. Sorry I am so late in visiting for Pink Saturday! I love your lid rescue ..it looks perfect! Hard to be upset by such a sweet baby..Happy first birthday Liam!

  59. Pick me! Pick me! Lovely giveaway! I'm now a follower!

  60. I agree, I like that lid on your jar better...it now has a great memory to go with it!

    Love your giveaway items...maybe I'll get lucky!! woo-hoo!

    Hope you had a great Mother's Day. Dana

  61. So creative. It looks great on the jar! Hugs

  62. You've made such pretty things for the giveaway! Thanks! ♥

  63. I love your creativity in the face of disaster. I have had events like that with my girls growing up.

  64. Looks like Liam helped you discover a new way of recycling. A
    fun giveaway.


  65. Hi Sarah,

    Thanks for stopping by. I love what you did with that lid. Your giveaways are so pretty.

    I see you're a home school mom. I home schooled my two for over 10 years and my youngest graduates next week. But, as you probably know by now, home schooling is never over. :)

    Clicked your follow and took your pretty button. Look forward to visiting.

  66. Sarah- you are such a clever girl! What a sweet giveaway. Please do enter me.
    I wanted to thank you for entering my giveaway - you are entrant #1 & #2
    Check back because I plan to do another giveaway in June... cuz this has been so much fun!!
    Blessings, L

  67. Good thinking....love the jar. Please include me in your giveaway. Nice blog....


  68. You gotta love having a healthy baby boy! Hey Liam, Sweet Boy, don't play with Mommy's Pretties! Hugs ~ Jo

  69. hi... nice to meet you.. nice blog, beautiful family and the jar lid you created out of the broken piece is inspiring!
    I will be back to visit often...

  70. aww...but Liam is so darn cute! Thank you for this chance to win :)


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