Saturday, December 22, 2018

Vintage Tree Topper for a Pink Christmas and Vintage Stuff Saturday

Good Morning! Happy Pink Saturday!
It's the weekend before Christmas and I'm ready to stay home and chill out! Jamie's just started his vacation and won't be going back to work until after the new year. Parrrrrrtaaaaaay! 

It occurred to me that I've not shared any of my Christmas decorations here this year---and I've been wanting to start a weekly vintage link up---so here you go. My Pink Christmas and my first Vintage Stuff Saturday!

First up is this gorgeous, well-loved pink Christmas tree topper my son spotted at our favorite flea market, The Rose Antiques in Rogers. I've collected these for awhile but it's been years since I've added to my collection. This one is very thin plastic and very delicate. I love it!

Next is this little old woman doing some kind of needlework. The kids discovered her this morning and thought she was drumming...but then they decided she's sewing. Either way, she's quite worn and just the right style for my vintage ornaments tree!

Finally, I found these adorable little people and couldn't resist picking them up also. They're a little too big for my small library tree so I hung them from the lights on my craft shelf. My four little kids say these are them. So cute!

Being the first Vintage Stuff Saturday, I don't imagine we'll have too many join the linkup. But, please tell your friends and hopefully, within a few weeks, there will be lots of fun vintage blogs to visit!

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  1. I love all of these special treasures. The little old woman is my favorite. I agree she is sewing! The people do look like your four littles! I will look forward to your pink Saturdays!

  2. I LOVE the little tiny glasses on your ornament! Super cute! Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas! :)


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