Wednesday, December 30, 2020

2021 New Year Goals and The Homemaking Party

Welcome to The Homemaking Party! How are you feeling about this coming year? Hopeful? Concerned? I'm feeling pretty positive about 2021 and have come up with several important goals I'd like to meet. 

Health Goals: I think most everyone has a health goal, but I'll admit I've not had one for a couple years. Sickness and circumstances have taken a toll on my hopeful attitude about health and I've ignored things for far too long. This year I have a plan and a goal to stick to it!

Reading Goals: I believe self-education is so important so I read a lot of nonfiction: history, biography, geography---all these are important to understand the world we live in. I also enjoy some well-written historical fiction and most classics. This year my reading goal is 70 books, with a good mix of classics and children's literature added to my usual nonfiction fare.

Skills Goals: In 2020 my mother made 12 quilts!! One for each member of my family and one for herself. On top of that, she made pillowcases for each of us! I was so inspired that I've made a goal to learn some needlework skills I've been dreaming about. This year I plan to embroider some things, as well as learn to crochet. I also want to start working through my huge HUGE fabric stash by making gifts for people.

Spiritual Growth: This year I plan to copy out by hand the entire Torah (first five books of the Bible) and finish reading through the Bible in its entirety. I also have several studies to start or continue, including a very slow and in depth study of the early church that I've been doing with my kids every morning at breakfast.

Miscellaneous Goals: Add something to our savings account each pay check; go visit my parents in Oregon; travel to Western Oklahoma to seek out my grandparents' homestead; make myself three items of clothing; take "school photos" of my kids; keep from cutting or coloring my hair; print all my important online photos; transcribe my online book reviews into journals; print or publish my important blog posts

I'd love to hear about your 2021 goals! Thanks for stopping by The Homemaking Party!

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  1. Sarah, I always just put up one link, but this time I put up three because of your topic. Two of the links are about the best two things I've ever done for my health, and I hope they will be helpful to you with your health goals for 2021. I've been doing #3 for three years and #2 for many years. Both have many health benefits. You have wonderful goals for the year and I wish you all the best!

  2. Great post. Great goals! Thanks for sharing. Your goals inspire. Thanks for the party. The Fabulous Party is over at my blog. Come over and link up.

  3. Those are some great goals - I'm gonna steal some of them! My writing goal is to publish several of my books that have been edited and are ready to go! Also, to improve my health. I have been doing Bright Line Eating and it has helped tremendously. I highly recommend it. (I need to do a blog post on that!) May you and your family be blessed in the year ahead!

  4. Oh, I forgot - regarding your goal about the Torah. I began that study in the mid 90's and have continued. Who knew God would lead me to my own personal rabbi? We were married in 2006. You can read more of my journey at my blog www.gailgolden.org

  5. Great post dear Sarah and the goals are terrific. Mine is to start a diet next Monday, January 4, 2021. To do more exercise and thus improve my health. Specially long walks by the beautiful river in my neighborhood.
    I hope also to be able to help at the Cancer hospital for the less fortunate. I hope that soon we can be able to do the volunteer work.
    To also renew our Rosary prayers for the people that need it and ask for our prayers. God listens, no matter your religion.
    Thank you for hosting for us all these year, although I haven't join often.
    Happy New Year and many blessings to you and yours.

  6. In no particular off-the-cuff order:
    1. increase my physical activity (with use of fitness watch from my husband)
    2. participate in and complete at least one reading challenge.
    3. practice crochet stiches until I can make things without wavy edges. :)
    4. Read in the Bible each day.

  7. Thanks for hosting the party. Nice time checking other blogs too. Have a wonderful year ahead. All the best for the year goals. Good Read.

  8. Hi Sarah, Thank You for the party! Happy New Year...
    Blessings, Roxy

  9. My goals - I'm going to read through the bible using the navigators 5X5 plan.
    I want to be intentional in helping others more.
    Invest more.
    Keep writing.


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