Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Untitled and Extremely Informal Update

I've had this little blog for a few months now and really haven't posted a whole lot. Let me just be honest here...
I'm one of those types that Flylady describes: the procrastinating perfectionist. Usually, when faced with a task of any size or description, I analyze it to see if it's doable. My definition of doable is, 'something that can be completed perfectly without distraction'.
The problem with my definition is that it leaves no room for growth or error. And, it makes task-completion impossible for me! We all know about my many distractions: kids, husband, homeschool, college, life... So, I've made a little commitment to myself. I am going to try really hard to stop being so perfectionist-minded and start creating some short-term goals.
What does this have to do with my blog, you ask? Well, I haven't come on here to write lately because I really didn't feel I had the perfect thing to say that was just going to completely bless the socks off of everyone! ;)
So, I'm changing the way I view my blog. This blog is for me. Ok, really, it's for you, reader...but I'm goona take charge here a little more! I'll decide what I write and when, ok?? :) No more catering to the masses!! If I just wanna write a little dork thing that is not at all profound, I will! I might even spell it wrong!!!!! If I don't want to title my blog posts---I won't!
Ok, now that we're clear, stay tuned to enjoy some life updates, book reviews and silly photos!
This is the line that usually is filled with a funny or thought-provoking end-quote. Today this space is being guest-hosted by my good friend, spiteful rebellion. :)
HA!! I'm totally cracking myself up today...!!!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sherri Sand Blog Tour--Leave It To Chance

I just finished reading this great new book and found it very inspiring. Among the many different directions this novel took me, the most intriguing was Sierra's battle with debilitating fear. It is sad and thought-provoking to consider how many opportunities we've all let pass us by because of the bondage of fear.
This story has caused me to reevaluate my lack of motivation in many areas; but mostly as pertains to my writing. I have a hunger to write but my fear of rejection has been holding me back. I've been thinking today, What have I got to lose? I mean, I don't have a published book right at this very moment...so if I never have a published book, I will not have lost anything. My worth and skill as a writer is not defined by a publisher's response. Am I digressing?? Oh yes, back to Sherri! :)
I was also really inspired by the interview with Sherri in the back of the novel. These thoughts from her on perseverance spoke most clearly to me:
Q: How do you find time to write? Any tips for someone who is working full time?
A: Set a word count goal. I try to write 1000 words a day, five days a week. If finding the extra time is difficult, start with 300 words a day. At that pace, you’d complete a full length novel (80,000 words) in one year. But the most important factor in writing is to turn the editor in your head off. Writer’s block comes from trying to create and edit at the same time. Don’t wait for the perfect idea to come floating along. Start writing now. Write anything. You want to create the habit so the ideas will come. The fear of failure keeps us from giving feet to our dreams-true failure comes from not trying at all.

Meet Sherri at her website: http://www.sherrisand.com/ and read about her first novel,
Leave It to Chance at:
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