Wednesday, April 26, 2017

A {Very Extended} Summer Break in Oregon

My family visiting me in the hospital on Easter Sunday.
Hello friends! I've been MIA a couple weeks because....I had an appendectomy!!!! Can you believe it? Ouch! Yep, two weeks ago I was in extreme pain and knew something was wrong. It took them four days to decide to do a second scan and by then my appendix had burst and things were not good! Thankfully, I'm home recovering well now.

Ironically, the day before I got sick, Jamie and I had decided on a plan for our unexpected need to move out of this house. {If you've not been following, our landlord is selling the house---this is the second time this has happened in 9 months...} We decided to step up our game and get ready to buy our own house that no landlord can sell out from under us! Our plan was for me to take the kids and head to my mom's in Oregon for the summer while he stays here with friends---leaving us very little living expenses and a whole bunch of $$ to save toward our home. This was a great plan...until I got sick.

It's still the plan---but it's been so humbling to sit here in bed while my husband and kids literally do everything it takes to get our family ready to move out. From packing to hauling to cleaning to shopping, they've done all the things I normally do during the day, as well as during a move. I'm so thankful---they're doing a great job!

So, next week at this time, we will be preparing to head out to Oregon! I'm looking forward to the time spent with family and friends...this might turn into more of a travel blog for the summer as I share with you all the Pacific NW fun! Still, it's going to be really hard to be away from Jamie all summer. Please pray for us!

Saturday, April 8, 2017

The Christian Home Magazine #136

Happy Weekend!

I hope you'll be blessed by these submissions from these beautiful ladies. Enjoy!

Have a lovely week!

Frugal Meals

Laura from Harvest Lane Cottage always has such great ideas for living frugally. Here are Two Thrifty Meals she enjoys making for her family when finances are tight.

Biblical Womanhood

Emily from Blessed Homemaking shares a timely article about what to do when God has you in a season of waiting. Visit her to read her thoughts on Having to Wait.


Here's a delicious recipe for Fresh Strawberry Cream Torte from Sarah at Classical Homemaking, perfect for an Easter treat!

Here's another cute idea from Classical Homemaking. Check out this easy Easel Card Tutorial for a fun gifting idea.


Mrs. Lane's entire family enjoyed this fast-paced family film. Check out her review of Adrenaline at Harvest Lane Cottage.

Pretty Thrifty

Emily from Teen for the Lord has some great insights regarding waiting on and praying for her future spouse. Check out Pretty Thrifty: Loving Him Even Before You Meet.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Home Dreaming with a Thankful Heart

View from Chawton House on the Knight Estate (Jane Austen's brother's home)
East Hampshire, England
Photo by Lynzie Coller
Welcome to The Homemaking Party! I hope everyone is having a lovely week so far. Tonight I'm working in my kitchen, making some excellent berries and cream muffins for the kids' breakfast tomorrow. I've got the windows open and there's a pretty exciting storm going on outside. I love big thunderstorms---as long as no one gets hurt! Where we came from in Eastern Oregon, storms were big but harmless. Here in Arkansas, they have the potential of bringing about some pretty big hail, wind, and tornado damage.

I mentioned last month that our family is moving again. While we'll just be looking for a home to rent for now, I'm really longing for the day we can buy our own home. We've shied away from it in the past for a couple of reasons. Before about three years ago, we were never in the financial position to afford a home. After that, I got it in my head that I wouldn't have enough money to own a home and travel---so I wheedled my way into three England trips and my husband put off saving for a home the last three years. {By the way, wheedling is bad. Don't wheedle. It's unBiblical.}

Chawton House Garden Wall
{I wonder how many times Jane stepped through that opening?}
Photo by Lynzie Coller
Anyway, now that we've lost our rental twice in nine months, (apparently the buying/selling market is hot where we live and our landlords are getting in on it) I'm really seeing the benefit of owning our own home! So...England might have to be out this year. Maybe next year too.

It's ok though, really. The last nine months of craziness {I won't even go into it...trust me...it's mostly good crazy, but still crazy} has taught me so much about thankfulness. Contentment. Restraint. Prioritizing. Thankfulness has been the biggest thing. Because while Jamie and I have walked through some inconvenient things, I've watched friends walk through some tragic things. Divorce, death, abuse, major health issues.

Chawton House Garden Wall
Photo by Lynzie Coller
Whenever I begin to worry about where we're going to live in two months and how we're going to afford the move, I just think about Philippians 4:19 and how God will supply all my needs. Housing is a need---he'll cover it. But what about my friends who have walked through tragic things? The faith it takes them to hold on to the Bible's truth is far greater than the faith it takes me to stop flipping out about moving again. These thoughts stir up a lot of emotions in me---but the one I want to make sure I'm always practicing is thankfulness.

Thanks for stopping by The Homemaking Party! I hope you find lots of blessing and inspiration here this week!

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