Friday, July 29, 2011

Preparing for Baby

Only 14 days left until our sweet new baby is due to make her appearance in the world!  I've spent the week getting ready for her to come!
Her little bed is all ready...

Her clothes are all hung up...
Her pacifier...for the benefit of us all!!

A little mobile hanging above her cradle for entertainment...

A few days' worth of diapers!  Guess I better go stock up...
MY bags are packed and ready to go...all we're waiting on is you, Baby!
Meanwhile, big brother is exploring the nooks and crannies of the living room... This is what happens when Mommy leaves a 14-month-old to his own devices for awhile...

Sweet Baby Liam has no idea what's coming...  He will be a great big brother!

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Friday, July 22, 2011

Happy Week!

It's been a happy week here at the Coller house!  Jamie and I celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary on Monday!

He brought me home 18 of these gorgeous PINK roses that smell soooo wonderful!
I made us all a cake with our wedding topper.  We had hamburgers for dinner and shared our cake with the kids for dessert!  They all made us pictures and Lynzie painted us each a small painting.
Later in the week, I made Lynzie this pretty dress.  She has been saving her own money for several months now for a Revolutionary War era costume.  She ordered her own shoes and stockings and helped pay for some of the fabric for her dress.
Here's Lynzie showing off her buckle shoes! We still need to make her a lace shawl and mob cap but she's feeling pretty cute in her new outfit!
 Jamie will be home from work in a couple hours and then my weekend begins!  I plan to work on baby announcements all weekend and just generally be crafty!  Baby's due in 3 weeks!

Linking up today with Beverly's Pink Saturday!
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