Wednesday, January 9, 2019

The Homemaking Party: An Important Devotional for Women Making Goals

Hello Friends! Welcome to the Homemaking Party!

Wow! I don't know about you but this year seemed to completely fly by for our family! We made lots of great friends and special memories---but there's a big part of me that is saying, slow down! So, New Year Resolution Number One is: stay home more!

Do you make New Year Resolutions? Some years I make an elaborate categorized list of my goals for the upcoming year. Other times, I just pick one thing. However you do it, the important thing is to assess why you feel the need to make a change and then start taking simple, doable steps toward that goal.

I hope you'll check out my devotional for women, Now: Purposeful Steps Toward a More Abundant Life, available in paperback and on Kindle. It's all about taking the steps needed to start living the way you want to and to stop making excuses about why you think you can't. Sound simple? It is! It's a simple little book that you can read through in a day for encouragement or spend time going through it more slowly as a study toward change. It features study questions and prayer topics and is a great gift for yourself or another woman in your life who wants to live a fulfilling life right where she's at!

 Many blessings for your new year! I'm looking forward to great things!

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Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Jesus is... Isaiah 9:6 & The Homemaking Party

Merry Christmas!

Welcome to the last Homemaking Party of 2018! (Ok, I also realize it's only like the fourth of 2018 also...I'll do better next year, I promise!)

This holiday season, our pastor preached on the different names for Jesus prophesied by the prophet Isaiah. I was asked to summarize these sermons for some special readings last Sunday. I thought I'd share that with you on this beautiful Christmas Day! 
I hope you are having a fun and relaxing holiday season with those you love!


No one could have imagined what a single birth could mean for all of humanity, but Jesus changed the world when He came to Earth one holy night. He is both God of the universe and personal Friend to each one of us.

Our Jesus is wonderful. He cares for us with a wonderful love that can be found in no one but Him. His wonderful miracles bring delight to all creation. His assurance of salvation causes us to wonder at His goodness. We stand in awe of you, Jesus, our wonderful Lord.

Our Jesus is Counselor. We can trust His wisdom because His truths never fail. He has faced every temptation and He knows the human heart, for He is the One who created it. He knows all things and He patiently leads us toward His better ways. We trust you, Jesus, our wise Counselor.

Our Jesus is Mighty God. His power is greater than anything. With Mighty God, nothing is impossible. He moves mountains and quiets seas. All of Creation must obey Him. It is our joy to serve you, Jesus, our Mighty God.

Our Jesus is Everlasting Father. He guides us with a loving hand. He calls us His children and his compassion toward us is eternal. He will never leave us. He will never hurt us. We can be vulnerable with Him and give Him our whole hearts. We surrender to you, Jesus, our Everlasting Father.

Our Jesus is Prince of Peace. He overcame all the world’s trouble and pain to bring us the hope of peace. He is our refuge. We run to Him when life becomes overwhelming and He comforts us. His peace is for all of us. We will be still in Your hope, Jesus, our Prince of Peace. 

Our Jesus is Emmanuel. This name for our Lord was prophesied when the angel appeared to His mother, Mary. It means, “God with us,” and He is! Jesus is here with us now. He is with us when we worship, and when we mourn. He is with us at our workplaces, at our schools, and in our homes. He is with us during our darkest  times and during our greatest joys. He came to us. He stayed with us. He will never leave us. Thank you for being right here with us, Jesus, our Emmanuel.

Saturday, December 22, 2018

Vintage Tree Topper for a Pink Christmas and Vintage Stuff Saturday

Good Morning! Happy Pink Saturday!
It's the weekend before Christmas and I'm ready to stay home and chill out! Jamie's just started his vacation and won't be going back to work until after the new year. Parrrrrrtaaaaaay! 

It occurred to me that I've not shared any of my Christmas decorations here this year---and I've been wanting to start a weekly vintage link up---so here you go. My Pink Christmas and my first Vintage Stuff Saturday!

First up is this gorgeous, well-loved pink Christmas tree topper my son spotted at our favorite flea market, The Rose Antiques in Rogers. I've collected these for awhile but it's been years since I've added to my collection. This one is very thin plastic and very delicate. I love it!

Next is this little old woman doing some kind of needlework. The kids discovered her this morning and thought she was drumming...but then they decided she's sewing. Either way, she's quite worn and just the right style for my vintage ornaments tree!

Finally, I found these adorable little people and couldn't resist picking them up also. They're a little too big for my small library tree so I hung them from the lights on my craft shelf. My four little kids say these are them. So cute!

Being the first Vintage Stuff Saturday, I don't imagine we'll have too many join the linkup. But, please tell your friends and hopefully, within a few weeks, there will be lots of fun vintage blogs to visit!

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