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I'm so excited to announce The Christian Home Magazine is back in print! Several years ago, The Christian Home Magazine was hosted by Mrs. White from The Legacy of Home. It featured encouraging articles by homemakers, for homemakers. With Mrs. White's blessing, we've revived it here at Classical Homemaking and I think you're really going to be blessed!

Each Friday, you'll be treated to several encouraging articles from Christian homemakers and young women at home. As you visit the blog of each contributor, please be sure to comment as well as pin and save articles from their sites, rather than this main magazine page. That way, you'll have easier access to the articles you want to reference in the future and those writers will have the blessing of repeat traffic from your pins.

Let us know how you like the new magazine!

The Christian Home Magazine Team

Would you like to write for The Christian Home Magazine? Submit your articles for our consideration to sarah@classicalhomemaking.com.

Issue #136
Issue #135
Issue #134
Issue #133
Issue #132
Issue #131
Issue #130
Issue #129
Issue #128
Past Issues of The Christian Home Magazine on Day By Day in Our World
Past Issues of The Christian Home Magazine on The Legacy of Home (use her search bar)

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