Friday, November 20, 2020

Looking For Persimmons in NW Arkansas -- The Homemaking Party


Good Morning Friends! How's everyone holding up? We're all doing well. Jamie is still working from home (going on nine months now!) but, other than that, the big things in life have been relatively normal. We've just gone on holiday break so I'm hoping for a lot more time to read, write, and create over these next couple months. We shall see...

Last year on my birthday (October 23) we discovered a persimmon tree near our property. Do you know about the South's legend of the persimmon seed? Well you're about to be educated! This season we got back to it a little late but we did happen to spy a couple fruit left on the very bare branches!

We started by shaking the tree real hard---one fell down. Then I grabbed the stick from Selah and went after the other one. It was a team effort but we managed to snag those last two.

The legend says one can tell what kind of winter is coming by slicing open the seed of a persimmon and seeing what shape is inside.

Here's Liam's (10) explanation: "So if you find a persimmon, this is what to do: so wash and dry the seeds. Then cut it open. If it's a fork, you will have a warm winter; if a spoon, lots of snow; if a knife, a cold winter."

We cut open these three seeds and saved the rest so the kids could try to grow one in our yard. The general consensus was that the majority of these are spoons. 

Kynthia (9) drew this diagram of the steps to making it to the inside of the seed. She came up with this idea so she wouldn't have to ask me how to spell everything---ha! Very smart!

Here is Avalon's (11) journal entry: "Me, my siblings, and Mom all found two persimmons, and nine seeds and the majority of the seeds were spoons. Hopefully the legend is true!"

Brenna (7) is really really hoping for some cold weather and snow this year. Me too!

Thanks for stopping by The Homemaking Party! I'm excited to see what everyone has got to share!

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Thursday, July 16, 2020

The Homemaking Party: Sewing, Selling, Sweltering

Hi Friends! Welcome to The Homemaking Party! 
My goal this week was to spend some time sewing. Well...I really don't know where the first part of this week went, but I did get Avalon's dress done today! She wanted a plain charcoal gray dress so she could put together an outfit like Doctor Who's Amy Pond. I've learned to make their dresses a little roomy at this age and I think she'll get good use out of this one before it's too small.

My Pampered Chef business has been going pretty good the last few months. This month I'm helping hostesses earn an extra $100 in free products when they have a qualifying party. All my parties are held online which means you can invite your friends from anywhere to join! Let me know if you're interested in hosting.

Finally, I wanted to send a reminder about our Themed Tea Party Blog Hop! I've had several sign up already and I think it's gonna be great. Visit HERE if you are interested in participating! 

That's all for this week, folks! Hope you're staying happy and well! 

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Friday, July 10, 2020

The Homemaking Party: A Little Normalcy at VBS

Good Morning Friends! Welcome to The Homemaking Party!
Our family is experiencing a little bit of normal life this week as the kids are taking part in a very small evening VBS experience at a tiny local church. Last night was Pirate Night and kids and teens alike got into the spirit of things with fun costumes!

Miller Church was built around 1865 and is currently pastored by some sweet friends of our family. Each night this week they've shared the Gospel message with grade school age kids, and teens and young adults have assisted with games and crafts. 

Tuesday night was a hot dog cookout and tonight there will be hamburgers for the whole family. It's so fun to watch our kids run around, fellowship, and play games in the same grassy area that families have been doing so for at least 155 years! 

Hope you're all having a happy week and thanks for stopping by The Homemaking Party. 
Shabbat Shalom!

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