Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Sunday Afternoon: Vintage Thingie Thursday

Yesiree! It's that time again...Vintage Thingie Thursday! Every Wednesday night, when it suddenly dawns on me that the next day is my favorite blogging day, I say to my husband: "Guess what tomorrow is?" He says, "Vintage day!" Yep, he gets excited for me too! If you have the chance today, go on over to Coloradolady's blog and check out Vintage Thingie Thursday.

Today I am showing off something very special to me! When I was a little girl, my mom, brother and I, went for a walk one day and found this plate at a yard sale. We thought it was very special and ended up giving it to my great-grandmother, Grammy Irma. She hung it in her kitchen and it was always my most favorite thing in her home. When she passed away in 1999, this plate was the only thing I wanted from her things. It has always hung in whatever kitchen I've had, these last 11 years.

Last year, I was snooping around in a thrift store and found this framed picture of the same scene. There are minor differences, but it's obviously meant to be the same picture. There are no markings on the picture at all but the plate does have a silver and red sticker on the back that says, "Japan" and the numbers 5956 are written below it. Along the bottom of the back of the plate are written the words, "A Sunday Afternoon".

I looked all over online tonight but can't find any information on it at all. I'd be interested to know which scene came first: the plate or the drawing. I'd also like to know if there are other things out there to go with it--perhaps a figurine?

Thanks for stopping by today---hope you have a wonderful Vintage Thingie Thursday!


  1. A lovely sentimental keepsake of Grandmother. I hope you find some provenance on it.

  2. These both are just delightful! The plate is especially unusual with the molded 3-d of the figures!

    I wonder if they could be from a book illustration?

  3. such sweet plate and print.. no wonder you like them both! happy VTT

  4. What a great and interesting story on that little plate. That art work is definitely intended to be of it. Do not give up. I have decided you can find anything on the internet.

  5. How very cute! What a delightful plate and print. They make me happy :-)

  6. What a sweet scene..the plate is wonderful and you have such lovely memories attached to it...then you found that print. Incredible!!


  7. Wow, how cool is that to find a print of the same plate you've cherished! Thanks for sharing these today!

  8. What a great coincidence that you found both so many years apart.

  9. Your grandmother's plate is so charming and dear! And then, to find a print of the same design, how wonderful. Serendipity!

    Happy VTT,

  10. What a wonderful find to compliment your treasured piece from your grandma! I'm glad that you have that special piece to bring back such treasured memories!

    Susan and Bentley

  11. Never give up..you have it posted..and I just know someone will come along and tell you..hey!!! I found it for you. Just that wonderful happened to me this past week..and I was so happy to know that people took time to look and search along with me. It's a beautiful plate and painting.. and with such a sweet memory. ('m so happy for you..that you have them both. Happy VTT..have a most lovely weekend.

  12. What a precious little scene it is and how neat that you've found two pieces with it. Please do let us know if you find out any more info or other items that might have been made to go with it! Happy VTT!

  13. I agree...don't give up!!! What a sweet plate and print. I love the fact the plate came to you from your grandma's house...that is so neat! So glad you found the print, what are the odds of that??? Must have been meant to be!! Have a great VTT!

  14. OK I love these finds! I would have loved to have that darling plate, its adorable!
    I'm now following you and would like to extend the invitation to become a FOLLOWER on my blog as well.
    Hope to see you tere,

  15. Wow, how amazing to find that print. They are both so adorable!

  16. I was so excited to come across this post, as my mother had this plate, and it's companion plate, which was called either A Sunday in the Park or Afternoon in the Park. Itsbimage is the same three figures walking along a tree lined path. When my mother's health was failing, she let me take them to hang in my kitchen. I'm so glad I have them now!

    1. Oh wow, that is so special! I need to look for those. What a blessing!


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