Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Dewey Diddy Diddy Dum Diddy Dew

Hello!  Welcome to the Weekend!  I hope everyone has something fun and relaxing planned!  We are headed to the lake on Saturday to celebrate Elisha as he will be turning 9 years old!  Everyone is so excited---it's not often that we get to take an outing like this and I just pray it will be a wonderful day for all!
For this week's Homemaking LinkUp Weekend, I'm reviving a post I wrote in 2008 when I first started blogging.  I'm reposting it because there's been a new development in this lifelong dream of mine!  I'll show you the post and then tell you the update!

Please feel free to link up your posts below!  The theme is Homemaking---but it's very general.  Just link up what you want---as many as you want---and I'll come around and visit you this week!  I even plan on picking a post or two to feature so show me your stuff!

Here's the 2008 post:

Last night my husband and I were watching the Stargate SG-1 episode where Sam's new boyfriend is teasing her about quirkiness. He makes a comment that goes something like: "as long as you don't have alphabetized bookshelves..."

My husband looked at me and grinned his "you have weird quirkinesses" smile.

You see, I not only want my bookshelves alphabetized---I want them arranged according to the Dewey Decimal System. This has been a dream of mine ever since I began collecting books in my early childhood.

People keep telling us we need a bigger place because we have a lot of kids. They're all only half way right. Yes, a bigger place is needed...but not for the kids' sake. If we were to have one more bedroom than we have now, it would not be for kids---it would be for my dream library.

All arranged as Dewey would do it.

So... Are you ready to hear the good news?  My husband, in his Software Developer Geniusness, is creating a program for me so I can arrange all my books according to THE DEWEY DECIMAL SYSTEM!! Isn't that awesome?!!  Ha!

I'll be able to store information for every book in our home library on my computer and search for books according to several different categories like title, author, and keyword.  You might think this is a little extreme...but, what you may not know is...we have about 1,600 books in our home!!  An organizational system is very much needed!

And, on that nerdy note, I invite you to this week's Homemaking LinkUp Weekend!

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  1. Isn't that what great husbands do? They know our dreams, and help us to make them happen. You are one blessed lady!

  2. Hi Sarah, Wow..that is a whole lot of books. Good thing you have a plan and a wonderful hubby to help out. Have a great weekend and don't forget to enjoy a good book or two!

  3. Hi Sarah,
    I love hearing about large book collections......makes me feel 'normal'. :)
    We have a large collection of novels that I separate into authors/sets. All our subject books are stacked by catorgory.
    None of this is in alphabetical order......I'm not that good.
    If I counted Hubby's readers digest magazines and Voice magazines and all the craft magazines,cook books etc. we would have close to 2 thousand books here.
    I'm happy for you getting your dream Dewey System put in.
    Have a good week
    God Bless
    Barb from Australia

  4. Glad to see you out on the blog today. I have been wondering about you. My word, you are so smart, but that husband of yours sounds like a computer genius. With that many books, you need something to help you find what you want in a hurry. I am happy that you are getting what you always wanted. With parents like you two, you are no doubt raising some very talented and smart children. Take care.

  5. Hi Sarah! FINALLY I've got my Constellation Academy blog updated after an exciting week of finally getting all our homeschool ducks in a row for 2012-2013 - and a super successful workshop this past Saturday! Check out what we're up to - so good to re-invest all my years of training and experience in a new generation of kids and young families now that mine are grown.

    NOW - email me and tell me more about the Dewy system of cataloging your books. I have a HUGE personal library of resources and will be using it with my students as such - and was going to tackle the job in a word document. Yeah - right . . .

    Also - could you send me the link to import the mouse trail of little stars you have happening here? I think it would be a super addition to the Constellation Academy site!

    I look forward to hearing from you: misskathypwp@gmail.com

    Kathryn Ross - aka Miss Stella

  6. I love that you have so many books!

    Your organization plan is something I've always wanted to do with my books. Hope it works well!

    Mrs. White
    The Legacy of Home


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