Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I'm Back!! VTT, Pink Saturday & Homemaking LinkUp Weekend

Thank you so so much to everyone who has been so sweet and patient to check on me these past few weeks!  I'm alive and well, just getting through my first few months of pregnancy with our sweet NUMBER NINE!

This weekend, I'm participating in my three favorite linky parties: Coloradolady's Vintage Thingie Thursday, Beverly's Pink Saturday, and my own Homemaking LinkUp Weekend!
To celebrate Vintage Thingie Thursday, I'm showing off the beautiful antique jam jar and spoon that my mom gave me last summer as a gift when I had Kynthia.  This was my favorite thing in her home!  This very delicate jar came from my great-grandma Annabelle.  It's such a tiny little thing---only about 3 inches high!
In honor of Beverly's Pink Saturday, I want to show how I displayed my favorite blue Ball jars.  These are sitting on top of a hutch in my living room.  So pretty!
Finally, for my Homemaking LinkUp Weekend, I thought I'd show off one other pink sweetie.  One of my favorite parts of homemaking is watching my kids be cute and silly.  Here's Avalon with her new pink sunglasses.  She's so proud!

How's the weather where you are?  We are ROASTING---but feeling so blessed with our air conditioner!  Hope everyone has a blessed weekend! 

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Beverly's Pink Saturday
Show & Tell Friday @ My Romantic Home 


  1. Hi Sarah,
    Happy to see you back and well.
    I like your antique jar and spoon and the fact it has a lot of family history to it makes it extra special.
    Your blue jars behind the scroll top of your cabinet look wonderful.
    Your little Kynthia looks so special in her pink sunnies. My 3 1/2 yo grand daughter likes to wear her sunnies upside down. Soo cute!
    Keep well
    God Bless
    Barb from Australia

  2. Hi Sarah,
    It's Barb again...
    Sorry I called Avalon by Kynthia's name. I know you knew who I meant.
    Give them a hug from me.
    Thanks...Barb .....

  3. Avalon is adorable!

    Love all your pink and adore your jam jar, so precious and dear. How wonderful to have something from your great grandmother.

    Happy VTT!

  4. I have been wondering about you and family. Sorry to hear you are going through some of the little inconveniences of number nine. I am sure by now you know what to expect. We have had plenty of the blue jars, but used them to can. I like the way you are using them. You are so talented in making the children's cloths. My mother made all ours until we were in high school. Take care and stay cool. It is terribly hot and humid here as well.

  5. Sarah,
    So glad that all is well and you are feeling a bit better.
    I LOVE everything that you have shared with us here today.The dishes on your shelf are so lovely and the blue jars are so very charming!!
    Thanks so much for hosting!


  6. What a wonderful family you must have and what a great mum you must be. Sorry to hear that sometimes you feel a bit uncomfortable. It will surely get better in time.
    Happy pink Saturday

  7. Hi Sarah,
    Glad to hear you're feeling better! I remember those days very well. Avalon is adorable! And I simply love your pretty blue jars all lined up. The antique jam jar is really cute and a sweet treasure to have in your home.
    A charming post, and thank you for sharing. Happy Pink Saturday and thanks for hosting your linkup party. Enjoy your weekend.


  8. Wow, number nine (!) All the best :)
    Thank you for hosting... found you through Pink Saturday.
    Greetings from Australia♥
    ~Pernilla... your newest follower through GFC and Linky Followers.

  9. She is a doll! Visiting from Pink Saturday.

    Polka Dot Pink
    Have a great weekend.

  10. You may be posting for 3 different link parties, but you have pink in every picture! Pink is such a happy and peaceful color. I guess you need it if you are having child number nine! :O)

  11. Hi, I just found you at Pink Saturday. I love that jam jar thingy!!! Your little gal looks so sweet with her pink sunglasses! Cheers~

  12. Glad your back, happy pink. Love all your photos.

  13. She is such a darling..

    Visiting for PF- hope you can stop by..


  14. For some reason I cannot access more recent posts...

    It's super hot around here (Central FL) and no AC. It's so much easier this, the third time around, than it was the first or second. It's amazing how much more in tune with the out-of-doors we have become as we have lived without Centra AC/Heat! I count it a huge blessing within what started out as a huge trial. :)

    Congratulations on pregnancy #9! I'm so very happy for you and your family!!!


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