Thursday, November 22, 2012

Surprised By Joy! Overwhelming Thankfulness...

I've never read C.S. Lewis' story of salvation, Surprised By Joy, but that's the phrase that came to mind this morning as I was thinking over the good things God has done in my life.

It's really been on my heart lately how God has directed my 15 years of adulthood onto paths that I never would have imagined.  How would I have reacted on the day my husband proposed, had I seen my life as it is now?  I could have never dreamed of the happy life we would share, living as best friends with our nine sweet children---a family dedicated to one another and to God.
This weekend's Homemaking LinkUp Weekend thought is simple and sweet:  I'm thankful.  So very blessed and thankful for this amazing life I've been given.  I pray I really recognize this goodness and not take it for granted.

No matter where you are in life, there's always something you can be thankful for---what is the most simple or profound thing you are thankful for today?

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Also, today I'm the featured blog at Beverly's Pink Saturday!  I'd like to welcome all my Pink Saturday friends and thank you for being such a sweet influence on my life.  Happy Thanksgiving Weekend and HaPpY pInK sAtUrDaY!

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  1. Hi Sarah! I am new following you! I came by from Beverly's! I appreciated your lovely post! It is wonderful meeting everyone and enjoying all the differences we offer each other. Your post is very thoughtful and I am happy to be here! Come visit when you can! Many blessings to you!

  2. Happy Pink Saturday, Sarah. I hope you enjoy being the featured blog this week. Thank you for making Pink Saturday special.

    I smile thinking of you and your family. I am grateful you share your blessings with us.

  3. Sarah, nice to see you being featured today. You know how I feel about you and family. You have been a very special blogging friend and I appreciate it. You amaze me and I admire you being able to do all you do and raise those nine precious children in such a great way. Take care.

  4. Hello Sarah, this is a belated visit but I wanted to say hello. Your blog is an inspiration. Wow, nine children is a handful. We have five children and they are all grown. You are blessed and it is lovely to meet you.


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