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Blessed at Home #9: I Found Freedom

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Today's featured contributor is Judith, WholeHearted Home:

Hi!! I'm Judith Kowles, and I am so blessed to 'meet' you!! I was saved as a young girl and have been learning to daily abide in the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ as I draw closer to Him. I have been married to my sweet husband, Tim, for 34 years, raised and homeschooled seven children from 1988 through 2012, and now caring for twin grandbabies keeps my nest from emptying too fast.

I am an ordinary gal, born at home in Japan, raised in the British Crown Colony of Hong Kong (now China), lived in Hawaii during high school, went to college in California, and since then have been enjoying an extraordinary life at home with my family. I love homemaking, and having a clean kitchen floor under my bare feet is ultimate satisfaction. I have found the whole purpose of having children was for me to see my own sin and learn to walk in an increasing amount of grace and love. I have learned it isn't me but God who changes attitudes and hearts, mine first!! Now that my children are raised, (youngest is 18) I am ready to be a mother. I have learned, through the anvil of motherhood, the trials and victories that have molded me into the woman I am becoming for God's glory.

Some of my favorite things are: baking from scratch (especially with chocolate), cooking up a storm of yummy meals, hot chocolate in the winter and a glass of ice tea in the summer, exercising, walks along the river, biking, hymns, the trombone; but my passion is the Lord Jesus Christ and learning to live a holy and godly lifestyle because He lives within my heart.

Today's topic is, I Found Freedom

Misty, Simply Helping Him

As a mom, there are so many things pulling us a million different ways...
Along with all these things comes a hot to do list we're "supposed" to follow. 
The problem is that we are all different, so what might work for you may not work for me. 

Sometimes we're trying all kinds of things to figure out how to balance it all.  In doing so, we can find ourselves frustrated when systems and methods don't work for us. 

One particular thing that requires our attention is cleaning our home.   I've tried many methods, schedules, systems, etc. Some of them worked ok and served their purpose for a while, others I didn't get beyond the first step.  I finally came to realize that my mother never had a schedule for cleaning. She just took care of things when they needed to be taken care of.  I knew that I could do the same thing! 

I can look around my home throughout my days and see what needs my attention.  The freedom to not have to follow a strict schedule for yet another thing is absolutely freeing for me.  You probably find freedom in different areas of homemaking than I do. 
You might even like a cleaning schedule! Good for you!

The beauty in homemaking is finding peace and freedom in Christ, running your home the way He has designed for you!  Follow His direction and guide, not anyone's particular advice, method and schedule. 

There you will find the freedom you so greatly desire in homemaking! 


I grew up in the 70's! Burn your bra, woman's lib, etc. I have been finacially independant most of my life. I was the wife who supported my husband at 18 years old when he got layed off from his job. I did take a few years' break from working when my kids were little, but I always ended up back at work and built a successful career. I spent many years with a higher income than my husband.

Last fall, after a year of advice from my daughter, (she could see how tired and unhappy I was) and a lot of prayer, I decided to come home. My husband was nervous about being able to support us; but at the same time, he thought we should try it. He could also see that I was craving the homemaker lifestyle.

We are both so happy and comfortable with our new roles in our marriage. He is proud to work for us and I am proud to keep a happy home for us. We don't spend our money on hose, heels and fast food any more. We really didn't need a second income. What we needed was time together. Whe he gets home from work, he has a relaxed, peaceful wife to greet him. We are finally a family unit, instead of two people going our separate ways each day.

I found freedom as soon as I realized that trying to be free and independant was confining me!

I thank the Lord for showing me my place is here, at home, at this time in my life, and for giving me a wise daughter and a responsible loving husband.

Most of our Blessed at Home team is taking a summer break this week, so I thought I'd take the opportunity to find out what topics our readers would like to see covered in future editions of Blessed at Home.  Do you have questions you'd like answered or things you'd like to see discussed here?  Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Hi Sarah, Hope your having a great week.Thanks for sharing & linking up at DearCreatives.com Theresa

  2. Isn't it so cool to see what the definition of freedom is for some people and how it is different for us all. I was a full time working mom who transitioned to a work from home mom. I have never felt so out of control! At least at work, when I spoke, my team listened!!! I am learning and becoming more confident every day! I miss the business building and recognition from my career but am learning to find ways to make it happen with my new role! I just launched an etsy shop (like yesterday) and have a new found sense of excitement! The kids are exited to help so it will be a fun family project for us! Thanks for sharing at the Friday Follow Along and sorry it took me so long to get to commenting!


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