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Kids Gift Ideas on Sale at Family Christian & a Giveaway #FCBlogger

This is a sponsored post for Family Christian. All opinions are honest and are my own.
I've been shopping Family Christian a lot this year, stocking up on fun Christmas gifts for Jamie and the kids. I'm really excited to give them quality gifts that will encourage all of us to live more Biblically-minded. Read on to find out about a great sale, a giveaway, and two of my favorite gifts for kids!

Now through December 24th, Beauty and the Beet is on sale at Family Christian for only $9.99! This, the newest Veggie Tales winter show, is a fun play on a favorite classic and a great story about unconditional love. 

About the movie: In Beauty and the Beet, Mirabelle and her traveling family band, the Veggie Tones, are determined to make their next gig at Vegetable Square Garden. On their journey, a fierce winter snowstorm hits, and the family gets stuck at a run-down resort! Mr. Beet, the grumpy manager makes them sing - and clean - for their supper. Why is Mr Beet such a beast? And can Mirabelle’s kindness change him? Find out in this hilarious and heartwarming VeggieTales story of unconditional love.

I was a teenager when Veggie Tales first came out and I've loved them ever since. From the silly songs to the Bible stories done right, (read: no religious overkill) it's hard not to giggle whenever they're on. I'm super excited to share this newest DVD with my kids this Christmas. 

The second gift I'm excited about gifting is this book from the son of the original Berenstain Bears creators. Mike Berenstain brings us the first Christian-themed Berenstain Bears book that I've ever seen, God Loves You! Now, I'll just be honest with you all. I don't usually let my kids spend a whole lot of time watching the Berenstains. The old books and cartoons sometimes featured themes we're not into---like Halloween or cruddy attitudes---and there always seemed to be this undercurrent of feminism going on that bugged me.

I'm really over-the-top excited to see a Christian-themed one come out from this brand. The back of the book says, Living Lights Berenstain Bear books help children learn how God wants them to live every day. I'm all for that! The whole salvation message is clearly given in a way that makes it easy for young kids to relate to and understand. I can't wait to get the rest in the series---this is definitely something I want to support!

I'm giving away a $25 gift certificate to Family Christian. You can use this either online or in store. Check out the Rafflecopter widget below and be sure to share the giveaway with your friends!

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  1. I have made fudge, chocolate cookies with Rolos in the middle, sugar cookies, and shortbread cookies. thx

  2. I've made several kinds of fudge, caramel corn, cookies, peanut brittle, and chex mix.
    Merry Christmas,

  3. I have always loved the bears... now it looks as if they are even better. I am excited to read these to my grandkids.

  4. I've made graham cracker custard and pumpkin pie

  5. Tonight I start baking chocolate chip cookies for school. This weekend, more of those and cranberry ones for Christmas Eve, and a sweet potato pie for Christmas!

  6. I have started this year my making biscotti & caramel popcorn. Tomorrow will be baking cookies with my daughter & grand daughter. Also making a cherry pie! Thank you for this wonderful giveaway. Sincerely-Danielle

  7. Have been making snicker doodles, chocolate crinkles, and Russian Teacakes also a new Fudge. Carnation Famous Fudge kit. This is a simple way to make some delicious fudge. All the ingredients are in the box. It is a kit. You combine ingredients and pour into a saucepan and bring to a boil, then pour into a lined pan, smooth top and refrigerate until firm. No candy thermometers....and you can vary the end results by sprinkling with crushed peppermint or by adding nuts and sprinkle the top with crushed nuts. It's yummy good!

  8. Fudge and brownies so far. Just getting started!

  9. Wonderful gift suggestions for the children. Trust you and all your precious ones have a most wonderful Christmas ever. Thank you so very much for thinking of me during Christmas with a lovely card. I love cards. However, this is the first year I have not sent any. Hope to do better next year.

  10. We plan to begin the baking tomorrow. I have pecan pie, banana pudding, peanut butter kiss cookies planned. My teenager plans to make a batch of oatmeal raisin cookies too.


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