Monday, April 20, 2015

Our Dog Adoption Adventure #NudgeThemBack #ad #cbias

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Sometimes the things of every day life bring the biggest adventures. That's how it was the day we went to pick up our new Yorkie puppy, Mr. Darcy. I've written out his story below, but first let me tell you about his new favorite treats, new Nudges® Grillers. We love to reward Mr. Darcy for obedience and tricks by giving him a nice treat and Nudges® Wholesome Dog Treats come in several different flavors so there's always something fun to choose from.

Selah and I found Nudges® at Walmart. Depending on your store's selection, you can choose from Nudges® Grillers in chicken or steak flavors or Nudges® Sizzlers in Chicken Bacon or Beef & Cheese.

We bought Mr. Darcy the steak variety as steak sounded really good to me at the time. Ha! These have a real meaty texture, look, and smell. There's no reason he can't have some "real food"-inspired treats, right? With meat as the number one ingredient and no artificial flavors or fillers, I feel good about giving him this snack, in addition to his regular nutritious dog food.

I've never really been a pet person. When my husband suggested we get a dog, shortly after our marriage, he was met with adamant refusal from me...and I continued to refuse for the next 13 years. However, though I might have been a match for him then, 13 years later I was no match for him and seven children. Jamie and the kids wanted a dog---an inside dog---and I finally had to give in. Jamie got online and found a Yorkie breeder and we planned a day to go pick him up. 

Adoption day was quite the adventure for our family. It started with our first ferry boat ride across Washington's Puget Sound. We drove our Suburban onto the ferry and everyone piled toward the front of the car as we enjoyed our front row view of the gorgeous 45-minute ride. Then we drove around a gorgeous, wooded bay area, drooling over the beautiful Victorian homes and quaint tea and book shops. I had a feeling Jamie was coaxing me with this beautiful scenery---hoping I'd not totally lose it when he presented me with a stinky, slobbery, fur ball.

I had no idea the adventure we were in for once we reached the breeder's home. The last five miles leading up to her house were densely forested and wound back and forth on themselves. There was not another car in sight and I'd begun to wonder if we'd drove into another dimension---it was definitely Twilight Zone-ish. Finally, Jamie found the home and pulled into a clearing that served as their driveway. The house was large and resembled a mountain resort cabin. I was impressed. Jamie went in to take care of business and the kids and I stayed in the car---thinking he'd just be a few minutes.

It wasn't long before I noticed, through an upstairs window, some activity going on. Curious and bored, I focused in on the window and soon realized that I was watching two older teen boys completely beating the snot out of each other. I've never seen anything like it---well, unless you count weird '80s boxing on tv. Before long, one guy was down and the other guy just kept hammering on him. Finally, he stood up and looked out the window straight at me. Then he turned around and disappeared---leaving the room, I assume. By this point, I had already told the kids to look away and I was starting to fear for Jamie. It had been a good 45 minutes or so and he was still inside. This woman was supposed to have had over 30 puppies, but I'd not seen or heard any puppies---or any woman. Was this an insane asylum we'd been tricked into driving to? Was Jamie the next victim of the murderous man upstairs? I got into the driver's seat, turned on the car, and put it in reverse, keeping my foot on the brake. As much as I loved my husband, I had seven children to protect too---and I was ready to book it out of there as fast as possible if that guy came outside.

Thankfully, Jamie made it out safely---and Mr. Darcy, too. I can't say I particularly like him all the time---but I do love him. He's definitely a part of the family and we're all glad to have rescued him from the crazy house. Mr. Darcy loves his new Nudges® Grillers snacks and the kids love to take turns helping him practice his tricks and giving him a treat when he performs well. We're also planning on looking for new Nudges® Jerky Cuts at Walmart. We love variety in our treats---and so does Mr. Darcy!

Do you have a wild and crazy pet story? Let me know in the comments below.


  1. I remember chasing my cat down the street in my jammies because we had moved and she wanted to go "home!" I am sure the neighbors thought I was the crazy cat lady! Mr. Darcy looks happy!

  2. Bet you heart is melting with Mr. Darcy! He's a cutie! Did you ever find out what took your hubby so long bringing Mr. Darcy out?

  3. We have had pets in the past,but after I lost my husband, no more. The last one we had was no greater love between my husband and Five Spot. He was just a plain dog, but so smart and loveable. Yours is so cute. Enjoyed the story behind his arrival.

  4. I can see you in that situation lol. Glad you ended up with a fur baby.


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