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Easy Energy Boosts for the Busy Homemaker #V8EnergyBoost #ad #cbias

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This past school year has been a busy one full of homeschool co-ops, field trips, and play dates. Now that it's summer, I'm changing the focus of that busy lifestyle to home---where it should be, really. I've really been feeling the pull to focus inward more on my own home and family, as there were a lot of things neglected the past few months due to all our running around! The house and garage need a thorough cleaning and decluttering, and I'm even planning to revamp our homeschool routine to make it fit better with the huge range in ages I've got now. All these things require energy, so I've had to restyle some of my own personal habits, as well. Here are some energy-boosting ideas that I know will really help me this summer. I'll start with the new V8 V-Fusion+Energy drink Jamie bought me from Walmart last night.

V8 V-Fusion+Energy drink gives me natural energy since it's made from Green Tea. It's a great alternative to soda or coffee as it brings a boost of feel good energy without the crash later on. It's nice to have a few in the fridge so I can grab one and go. Jamie likes to take these in his lunch, as well, since a day of staring at computer code can really wipe a guy out mentally!

Jamie found V8 V-Fusion+Energy at Walmart in the shelf-stable juice section. He brought home a six-pack of Black Cherry---his favorite flavor. They also make it in the following flavors: Pomegranate Blueberry, Peach Mango, Orange Pineapple, Tomato, Diet Strawberry Lemonade, and Diet Cranberry Raspberry.

In addition to the occasional V8 deliciousness, my big energy go-to is water. It's amazing how much water our bodies actually need daily and how different our basic functions are without it. Without adequate water intake, I feel irritable, exhausted, and depressed. My body aches and I even have trouble with my vision. Our bodies may require up to half our body weight in ounces of water on a daily basis, so lots of water, as well as water-rich fruits, vegetables, and soups will really help increase our energy levels.

I also find that activity levels and sleep go hand in hand to keep me functioning with alertness and vitality. Working from home means a lot of computer hours and, as much as I think I need to do that *one more thing* online, sometimes I just have to shut it and get out of the house. Jamie and I have started going for walks in the evenings and it's amazing how much better I sleep when I've been active with daily housework and daily walks. Better sleep means more pep for the next day---it's a great cycle to get in to.

One more motivation tool that has surprised me lately is the use of essential oils. A couple months ago, my friend made me this gorgeous diffuser locket so I could wear oils throughout the day. There's a piece of leather inside and every couple days I put a few drops of oil on it. I've been using a citrus blend that really takes the edge off when I'm struggling with stress and lack of ambition. After a couple weeks of wearing it, I'm so convinced that I decided to sign up to sell oils myself. There's a lot of info online about blends to enhance your moods and relieve anxiety. I bought a bottle of lavender, too, for the days when I want some calming relaxation---but for energy, it's citrus all the way!

I encourage you to give new V8+Energy a try. It's a nutritious choice for natural energy and, at only 50 calories per eight ounce serving, you can enjoy it often. 

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  1. I love everything about this. I feel better just reading it!


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