Wednesday, May 4, 2016

A Big Kid in Training and DG Digital Coupons #PottyTrainingTips #DGCoupons #PullUpsPersonality #ad

I can't believe our youngest is in Pull-Ups® already! I'm at sort of a difficult place in my mothering as there hasn't been a new baby for three years and Brenna is breaking out of all the baby and toddler stages as fast as she can. I'm proud of my little big kid in training---but it's a bittersweet time, too!
Brenna turned three in December and, like all my other girls, she's been slower than her brothers to completely potty train. That's fine with me though---I've found that it's much less stressful on both of us if I just encourage her and wait it out. She loves wearing Pull-Ups® Training Pants because they help her feel independent and aid her in learning how to do this next big girl thing on her own.

Now that the weather is nice, our family has been hanging out more at the parks and hiking trails in our town.  It's nice that I'm not dealing with baby diapers when we want to get ready for a trip quickly. Brenna can pack the diaper bag on her own and this makes her feel like she's done a big kid chore just like her older siblings.

I found Pull-Ups at Dollar General last week and saved $2.00 with a digital coupon. Have you tried Dollar General's digital coupons? It was my first time and it was super easy! For a limited time, you can save $2.00 also on Pull-Ups® Training Pants.

To sign up for DG Digital Coupons:
1. Sign up here---> https://ooh.li/117fee5 or Text JOIN to 34898.
2. Create an account and load the coupons you want.
3. Shop Dollar General to redeem the coupons at checkout. Check out their store locator to find your nearest location.

After you've signed up for all the coupons you want to use, you're ready to shop. At check out, just enter the phone number you signed up with and your digital coupons will automatically be deducted from your total. No printing required!

Pull-Ups® help Brenna feel comfortable and confident as she grows through this newest stage. Because they look and feel more like real underwear, she can pull them on and off herself so she's gained some independence. Here she is with Daddy at her first real baseball game. With our big family, we can play a "real" game all on our own.

Of course she hit a home run and everyone cheered as she ran around the bases!

After our baseball game, we had a picnic and took a hike around Tanyard Creek park. Brenna was still going strong with no accidents---yay!

This little sweetie is full of personality and fun. Do you have a potty-training child? Check out this fun quiz to see what their potty training personality is. You can also visit the Pull-Ups® site for some potty training games to play with your little big kid!

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  1. Sarah, cannot believe that sweet little one is growing so fast. You have a truly wonderful family and everyone so handsome of pretty.


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