Saturday, June 25, 2016

60 Days 'til England!

Look what came in the mail last week! It's the 2016 Jane Austen Festival programme---so excited! This year, our tour begins in Manchester---from which we will go on to York, seeing the former home of Lord Byron; and then Haworth, to visit the Bronte parsonage. After that, we'll be off to Bath---stopping off at Warwick Castle along the way. We'll spend three nights in Bath and attend the Jane Austen Festival. We'll attend the annual costumed promenade and a Regency ball that evening. I'm planning to stay on in Bath a couple days longer to visit some of my favorite places, attend church at Bath Abbey, (I'm making friends there! Ha!) and spend time writing.

I'm so so looking forward to this trip and will be planning and starting on my costumes very soon! I'll be sure to update you all when I begin sewing.

Have a lovely Saturday!

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  1. Oh . . . looking forward to all the new pictures from your trip. Loved living vicariously through you last year. Enjoy!


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