Sunday, July 10, 2016

Why I Won't Shut My Mouth

One of the most difficult things for me as a growing Christian has been to find the point at which I shut my mouth. Many people have issues with opening their mouths...but for me, I process things the best when I'm discussing them with others. Unfortunately, I've learned that not everyone is interested in being as bold with their points of view and it's made for some discussions that have turned into unhealthy debates.

Oftentimes, I feel like I'm defending myself and my beliefs and I wonder, is this what Peter meant when he said we should be ready to give to every man an answer for the hope that's in us? Is that only referencing spreading the gospel or does that also apply to the ways in which we live out our faith?

We hear, "live and let live"---but then Titus 2 lays out the plan for women to influence one another---so how are we to live that out if we're always minding our own business?

A few days ago, a friend told me on Facebook that she appreciated how I shared thoughts and convictions without pointing the finger or making others feel bad if they don't share my point of view. Another friend said even though she and I have many differences in philosophy, my posts really made her think. That is so so so hard to do, let me tell you, and I get it wrong more often than I get it right.

I'm often tempted to shut my mouth and just worry about myself. People say that talking about something on Facebook or in other social media (or even in person!) is worthless unless you're willing to put action behind the rhetoric. That may be so in some cases, but it's not always so---and "action" doesn't have to mean leaving the ministry you're called to in order to make a difference somewhere else. Sometimes intelligent people need to begin intelligent discussions. Sometimes moms share their strong convictions with their children who go out in the world to be history makers. Sometimes writers give life to ideas that doers can run with.

These are just some things I'm thinking about today. I'd love to hear your point of view!


  1. You have posed the age old question. The answer (I think) is discernment. I think that letting the Holy Spirit guide me, I get it right some of the time. People need to know where you are coming from, first of all. If people know that I make just as many mistakes than the next person, then they are more apt to listen. Next, is for them to know you are not condemning them, only God can do that. Then, is for them to know truth. The Bible is the ultimate truth. Finally, they can see that I am trying my best to follow this truth and hope they will too.

  2. Amazing that I was praying about this very thing this morning. Ana made some good points and I agree. Also, I think G-d has given you (and other bloggers) a platform as a way to share Truth. Many are fearful of speaking or writing about controversial things. The burning desire to speak or write about them is from the Holy Spirit because His Word heals. His message always combines both grace AND truth.


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