Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Enjoying Some Lovely Fall Weather!

Welcome to the Homemaking Party! Can you believe, it's 35º cooler right now in NW Arkansas than it was 24 hours ago?!! Wow! We have a much-anticipated cold front passing through and are loving the 50º weather! I think it's supposed to head back into the 80s by Thursday so we're gonna just enjoy it while we can!

The kids have been loving our new yard. A few days ago, I went outside to find them playing a camping game. These boxes are tents and they'd even built a little fire! (Yes, they did ask me to light it...ha! No.)

Our front yard is very steep so they love to push each other down the hill. Weeee!

I'm so thankful everyday for these sweet kids and our peaceful home. What a blessing!


  1. Kids are so much fun and fall leaves are the best. Thanks for hosting and have a great week.

  2. I am so glad the kids are enjoying their new yard!

  3. I used to make cardboard box tents when I was little... great memories of my sister and I "living" in our backyard. Glad everyone is settling in. Thank you for taking the time to host this blog party!

  4. What a blessing children are! Yours are adorable. Thanks for hosting!

  5. Thanks for sharing your kids' make believe fun! I loved it when my kids did cool things like that, using their imaginations.

  6. The children look sooo happy, love it! Thank you for hosting and have a blessed day.

  7. What fun they are having! :) Thank you for hosting the party.

  8. These photos remind me of when I was a child, and my parents would get something big delivered, like a washer/dryer, etc. We had a new home for months! It would last until the cardboard got too flimsy to stand up straight:) The children appear to be having a great time! I love playing on hills with the kids and dog, too; I just wish they were always going down;)

  9. How cute! Children are such blessings. Ours love our new garden (yard) too. So much green everywhere. P.S. I have started a new blog (more low key) for our England adventures. Still have Blessed Homemaking.


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