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Monday, March 19, 2012

Inspired By History: A 'Muse' Me Monday

My friend Audra is one of those girls who, when she gets a creative idea, runs with it as far as she can go!  Today she's debuting not one new linky party, but FIVE new linky parties on her website! She's got one for every week day!

Today is her first A ‘Muse’ Me Monday and her assignment for participants is to post about something that inspires us to creativity.
I think that the number one thing that inspires me to creativity in my writing is to be in an old place.  I love to find a coffee shop or bistro that has been established in some old building somewhere, order tea---maybe some soup and bread, and head for the darkest corner of the room to write! 
Great Pacific Wine & Coffee Co., Pendleton Oregon
I've always been able to let my imagination wander when I've sat near Eastern Oregon's John Day River and imagined Indians watering their animals in the very spot I was sitting.  I've come up with so many creative ideas and plans while riding along the winding roads through old mining towns full of Gold Rush history.  When I spend time visiting Eastern Oregon's cemeteries, museums, and libraries---places that are full of the stories of others---it's almost like I can feel the memories all around me.
Morrow County Museum, Heppner Oregon
The people that actually make it into the history books are but a minute representation of the people, thoughts and experiences of whatever time period they represent.  Each person who spends time on this Earth for any length of time leaves a legacy.  It's fun to think about what kind of legacy I'm leaving.  I enjoy challenging myself to leave the most honorable legacy possible.

What kinds of things inspire your creative musings?  Let me know in the comments below...or, better yet, link up with Audra's A 'Muse' Me Monday and share it with everyone!  

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sewing Beautiful Things: Favorite Things Friday

It's Favorite Things Friday over at Jessica's blog, A Few of My Favorite Things.

One of my favorite things is making beautiful dresses and nightgowns for my daughters. Here is a dress I made a couple years ago for Lynzie when my husband, Jamie, took her to her first Daddy Daughter Dance.

We've since made it a tradition for Daddy to go pick out the pattern and fabric and me to make the dress. They went to the dance two years in a row but this year we had just moved so Daddy took her to the Broadway play Annie in Seattle instead.

Lynzie looked, and felt, like a princess that night. I had a lot of fun making the dress. In fact, me and that dress got to be real good friends since I had to take it apart and put it back together several times!

Little sister Selah wanted something special too so I made her this little nightgown from some pretty pink rosebud flannel. She was pretty excited and proud of herself!

This past year at Christmas, I finally got to live one of my dreams...making matching dresses for my three daughters. The girls each had a unique style and pattern but the colors and trim were all matching. Here they are together before church on the last Sunday before Christmas

Maybe this year I'll get really brave and make my boys some matching shirts! Join us for more Favorite Things Friday!

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