Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Vintage Sealing Wax: Vintage Thingie Thursday

I've missed participating in Vintage Thingie Thursday the past couple of weeks so I'm excited to be back today! Visit Coloradolady for more Vintage goodies!

A couple days ago, Lynzie (10) and I were discussing her upcoming birthday party. (It's actually not until the end of January...!!!) Each year, she's pretty creative about picking a theme to bless her friends. One year she did a fairy garden tea party with grape Kool-Aid in the teapot. Another year, she had a costume party and everyone came dressed up. (She was Batman).

This year, she's decided on a full-blown Revolutionary War era tea party. I won't go into too much detail as it will make for some really great blogging later on, but one of the things she mentioned was that she wanted to seal her invitations with a wax seal. She started describing the process to me and I began to grin as I remembered something.

I went to one of my art cabinets and grabbed this sealing wax set that I'd picked up at a yard sale when I wasn't much older than she is now. I was so excited to sit down with her and show her how it worked and let her play around with it too.

Long story short, my sealing wax set is rather VINTAGE (for a nice way to say it... :) Some of the sticks wouldn't even melt and the ones that did caught on fire and dropped flaming drops of wax onto the paper. Before we could get the seal stamped, the wax would turn brittle and crumble. More often than not, it would harden as we put the stamp down and then I'd have to heat it up to dig the wax out of the pretty rose and fleur de lis designs!

I did a little searching online to see if I could figure out approximately how old this set is and where it came from. The box indicates it was "imported exclusively by Marcel Schurman Co., Inc., San Francisco" and that it was made in England.

Turns out, Marcel Schurman is the original founder (and father of the current owner) of Papyrus stationery stores. From what I can see, it looks like the set is from the early 1950s.

We've resolved to buying us a newer set of wax before time to send those invites out!


  1. I have a sealing wax set very similar to that - - - or at least I DID have it, no idea where it may be now. I never even THOUGHT about it being vintage!!! But you are right - - - I've had it for ages, so I guess it's vintage alright!

  2. Well hi there, thanks for coming by and signing up for the give away! I'llkeepmy little finners crossed:)
    Love the wax stick post, I actually had those very sticks from when I was a kid...1950! Thanks for the memory!
    PS I'm now you latest follower:)

  3. How interesting! And, what a creative daughter you have!


  4. What a great discovery you made with doing a little research. Isn't it very cool that you can see yourself in your daughter? Similiar interests at similiar stages of your life. Have a great day!

  5. I have never been big on craft work, so I am not familiar with the sealing wax. One thing for sure, this young generation knows about all the right things to use.

  6. I had some sealing wax like that a LONG time ago.

  7. That's a pretty set you have there. I have a couple of old sealing wax sticks and a monogram seal. I got mine out a while back and the same thing happened you wrote about. Fire droplets and brittle wax ;(

  8. Fun post today! Thanks for stopping by for a visit. Have a great Friday....Julian

  9. I remember once I bought my Uncle Allen a wax seal for his birthday; only because I didn't know what to get him. He loves it and sends out his Christmas cards with the very seal. It was the perfect gift!b


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