Sunday, October 31, 2010

Free As A Bird--Part Two!!: Blue Monday

Thanks for stopping by for Blue Monday! Please visit Smiling Sally for more great blue-themed posts!

Some of you may remember a post I did in August about the Blue Jay that kept eluding me! I was trying to take pictures of him for my Blue Monday post and he would NOT be still! You can find that post here.

Well, imagine my surprise one day as my son Cainan and I came up to the front steps after a shopping trip. It was a rainy, cold day and we found, all huddled up on the porch and only INCHES away from our cat's food dish...

The Bird!!! Can you believe that! It sat there for a really long time. So long, in fact, that I was worried it was hurt and couldn't fly off. I contemplated taking it's picture. What if the cat gets it? I would feel so bad knowing that the poor bird was in pain all that time and all I was concerned with was getting a great Blue Monday shot!

My husband said to go ahead and take the picture because if he ended up being fine then I'd really regret it. Turns out, he was just resting awhile! So...here he is! I suppose he's just trying to make up for leading me on for so long this summer!

Hope everyone has a great Blue Monday!


  1. Sarah~ Thanks for popping in! No. I do NOT have that talent for a sand castle like that!

  2. Too tired to fly maybe. Great shots.

    Have a great week.

    My Blue Monday.

  3. Hello Happy BM... Maybe the Bird is tired and he/she find your place comfortable..:-)

  4. Oh what a great story. I hope he was fine.Love the shot.

  5. Did he eventually fly away? What a vivid blue he is!

    Thanks for sharing, Sarah. Happy Blue Monday.

  6. Lovely pics, I have birds for theme aswell :-)

  7. Gorgeous shots!

    Blue Star at Nostalgic Marveling, please come and see? Have a great start of November!

  8. Very rare that any bird would be still that long. You were fortunate he was taking a little rest before flying on. Very nice blue.

  9. He was just being kind to the lady with the camera and sat still for you. I hope...lol....Lovely color blue isn't he.

  10. What a beautiful bird, I am glad it was o.k.! Have a great week.

  11. What a fun story and pretty little bird.:)
    I posted that recipe under the commnets in that last blog....the broccoli/ham recipe you asked for? I hope you like it! Have a great day! (((hugs))))

  12. Stopping by for Blue Monday... great shot of that Stellar's Jay. And they are quite noisy!


  13. Can't believe he sat still that long with people around. You must have been very careful around him.


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