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Monday, November 14, 2011

Holly Hobbie Pumpkins and a Giveaway!

I've got two more of these cute blue Holly Hobbie pumpkins left in my Etsy shop if anyone wants one for the holidays!  Do you like giveaways?  Well then visit this page to see how you can enter my newest giveaway for a box of fudge or carmels!

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Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Thoughtful Gift for Blue Monday

I received the most thoughtful gift the other day from my good friend Rachel. She was reading one of my past blog posts where I talked about the set of Pyrex bowls that my mom gave me. When she came across a vintage blue Pyrex refrigerator dish (with the lid!!), she decided that I just had to have it. So...she boxed it up and sent it to me all the way from Oklahoma! What a sweetie!

I first met Rachel online in 2004 on an email group. Though we've never met face to face, we've become close friends and have shared the births of several babies (each!) as well as job changes, moves, and more. She is one of my dearest friends---one that I know will be a lifelong source encouragement and inspiration!

In fact, it was Rachel who designed my super-cute blog! She blogs at Bubbly Nature Creations and has just kicked off a new blog party called, "Project Party Weekend". Everyone is invited to showcase their recent projects and recipes. She is always a source for great ideas so please take a minute to check out her adorable blog.

Bubbly Nature

Thanks so much, Rachel, for your kindness to me! I look forward to many more years of friendship. And...who knows? Maybe someday we'll actually meet each other!

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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Free As A Bird--Part Two!!: Blue Monday

Thanks for stopping by for Blue Monday! Please visit Smiling Sally for more great blue-themed posts!

Some of you may remember a post I did in August about the Blue Jay that kept eluding me! I was trying to take pictures of him for my Blue Monday post and he would NOT be still! You can find that post here.

Well, imagine my surprise one day as my son Cainan and I came up to the front steps after a shopping trip. It was a rainy, cold day and we found, all huddled up on the porch and only INCHES away from our cat's food dish...

The Bird!!! Can you believe that! It sat there for a really long time. So long, in fact, that I was worried it was hurt and couldn't fly off. I contemplated taking it's picture. What if the cat gets it? I would feel so bad knowing that the poor bird was in pain all that time and all I was concerned with was getting a great Blue Monday shot!

My husband said to go ahead and take the picture because if he ended up being fine then I'd really regret it. Turns out, he was just resting awhile! So...here he is! I suppose he's just trying to make up for leading me on for so long this summer!

Hope everyone has a great Blue Monday!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Free As A Bird: Blue Monday

Happy Blue Monday!

If you've got some time, visit Smiling Sally for more Blue Monday participants!

Last Day!!!: I'm hosting a giveaway in honor of my new linking party! Read through for details!

No kidding: I have spent this entire week trying to get a shot at this crazy blue bird that has been squawking outside my window for...ever. (Please click on the pictures to enlarge them).
I've been hearing him all day long, every day...but thought it was just a noisy ol' crow or something. Then my kids came in early last week and said they saw this blue bird in the tree outside my bedroom and could I hear it?

BLUE!!! I immediately thought of all my Blue Monday friends and knew I should try and get some pics. I grabbed my husbands good camera, opened up the door and got the shot above. Then the chase began! He immediately dove into a tree:Can you see his outline there? After that, I decided to shoot him (uh...photograph him---though, after the week I've had with him, I'm ready to shoot him now!!!) from my bedroom window--less noisy that way.
I've spent this whole week listening for his awful squawk and running to try and get a good shot.

I've wanted you all to get to see his pretty blue feathers. He's got black, spiky hair and slick black and blue feathers. When he's standing up and far away, he looks black but when he gets up close, he's obviously blue:
The kids are saying he's a blue jay but I don't think so.
This is definitely one bird who thinks it's better to be heard and not seen! Alright, Mr. Bird, it's Blue Monday and I've done the best I could. Go back to your life of freedom and freely taking off with my Rhododendron buds. I'll leave you alone now!
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Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Pueblo Storyteller

It's time to play BLUE MONDAY! Please visit Smiling Sally and the gang for more beautiful blues!

I'm hosting a giveaway in honor of my new linking party! Read through for details!

As I was looking around the house trying to find just the right blue to present to you today, I spied my shelf of "stuff from Mom" and decided on the perfect thing!

While souvenir shopping for me in Arizona, my mom found these two Pueblo Storytellers and knew they would be perfect for me! The Pueblo Indians have been making these Storyteller themed items since 1964 when the first figure was made by Helen Cordero. She wanted to represent her memories of her grandfather, Santiago Quintana, and his gift of storytelling. Quintana, as well as members of the Pueblo tribes since ancient times, preserved their life stories and traditions through the art of storytelling.

When it was time for a story, Quintana would say, "Come children, it's time". All the children around would gather in as close as possible to hear the enchanting tale.

Storyteller images can be male or female and can have any number of children or animals gathered around. What started with one granddaughter's creative expression has turned into a passion for over 200 Pueblo artists.When my mom brought home my first Storyteller item, the mat, I had only four children. She picked it out because it reminded her of me with all my kids around. When she picked up the figurine a few years later, I had five. Since both images feature seven children, we joked about wondering who the other two would turn out to be. Now I have seven children---I hope this isn't an indication that this is all I will have!

I hope you are enjoying your Blue Monday!

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Sunday, August 15, 2010

I Did It! Blue Monday

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It's Blue Monday today at Smiling Sally's! When you're finished reading my good news, head over there for more blue-themed posts!

Two Blue Mondays ago, I challenged myself to get back into a skirt that I love but haven't been able to wear. I told you all that I'd update today...and yes, I did it! You can read the original post here.

In all, I've lost 8 pounds since that post! You'll be asking how I did it. Well, I did it the best way possible. I ate about 70% fresh fruits and vegetables each day and drank lots of water. The other 30% of my diet was made up of whole grain pancakes and sugar free syrup for some breakfasts and grilled chicken to go with some dinners. Yes, I snacked now and then and yes, there were a couple mornings when I had gained. However, it all evened out in the end and I'm feeling pretty great about that!

Here's the picture I promised. My husband took this this morning before we left for church.

Happy Blue Monday, everyone!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

I "Blue" It! (Confession Time!) Blue Monday

Welcome to Blue Monday! Today I'm linking up with Smiling Sally (it's been awhile!) Thanks for hosting Sally! Readers, please visit Smiling Sally for more Blue Monday!

So ho ho....confession time. I blew it! Like just about every other person on this planet, I was going merrily along on my happy little diet when BAM! Temptation came along and knocked me off course!

After having baby #7 in mid-May, I immediately began working on losing the baby weight, plus some, so I wouldn't be too walrus-like whenever #8 decided to come along! Around the first of July, I proudly proclaimed that I was nearing a 30 pound loss since having Liam (yes, actually having Liam is included in that 30 pounds! :)

The night of July 4th, we had some friends over to set off fireworks and my friend Megan showed up in a cute top and skirt. Feeling frumpy and dumpy in my too-big jeans (the only pair of jeans I own--I had put them on just to show Jamie that they were too big), I hurried into the bedroom to change into something cuter. On a whim, I took out this blue skirt from my closet---a yard sale find that had always been too small...I was saving it for a skinny day. I was so thrilled to find that it slipped on easily and looked so cute!

I wore the skirt several more times over that next couple weeks and every time I couldn't help but comment to my husband how amazed I was that I was finally into that cute skirt and how much I loved it! When we headed home to Oregon for a week long visit in mid-July, I packed it with the intention of wearing it to the baby shower my mom was holding for me.

I spent the next 5 days pigging out on whatever I wanted! I was on vacation, after all! As you can imagine, by the time my baby shower rolled around, my skirt did not fit anymore! It looked horrible...so I took it off and put it back into my bag, defeated.

I've spent the last week or so since we've been home feeling defeated still. I'm frustrated with myself for my lack of self-control and I'm feeling like I just don't want to try again.

However, there's this cute blue skirt hanging in my closet reminding me that I was small enough to wear it just a few weeks ago. How long could it possibly take to get back into it?

I'm challenging myself to feature the blue skirt again on Blue Monday two weeks from now. However, instead of dressing it up with pretties like I did above, I'll be wearing it---comfortably. Pray for me, if you think of it, as food addiction is a difficult thing to overcome. I'm determined though---just gotta keep those positive thoughts at the forefront of my mind!

In the meantime, feel free to check out the rest of my blog, as well as Sally's list of Blue Monday participants!

Happy Blue Monday!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

"Any one can Bake!" -- Blue Monday

Today I'm linking up with Smiling Sally for Blue Monday! Visit her blog for more Blue Monday participants!

A couple months ago, my mom gave me a box of recipes and cookbooks that belonged to my great-grandmother, Annabelle. We are pretty sure that a good majority of them belonged to her mother, Tresa Baker. Tonight, while looking for something blue to share with you all, I spied this promotional cook book put out by the Royal Baking Powder Co. in 1927. Since Grammy Annabelle was only 12 years old then, I'm assuming this was my great-great grandmother's book.

The book is titled Any one can Bake and the cover features a picture of kitchen items and the words, "Price $2.00" at the bottom. It is in really nice shape with a tight binding and glossy pages---several of them are in color. OldCookbooks.com lists it to sell for $38.50 for an excellent copy and $14.50 for a super beat up copy.

Not only does it feature lots of great recipes, but it also has many, many tips and ideas for table setting, menu planning, entertaining and nutrition (page 42 is titled: "Cookies--Wholesome Sweets for Children").

In the section labeled "Menus and Menu Building", the following sentence is used: "Similar vegetables such as macaroni and white potatoes or macaroni and rice or potatoes and rice should not be served at the same meal." Now who can tell me what is wrong with that sentence? Ha! Also, the following are listed as "combinations to which we have become accustomed": corned beef and cabbage, pig's knuckles and sauerkraut, roast duck or goose and apples, roast pork and applesauce, roast veal and tomatoes, buckwheat cakes and sausage, fish and cucumbers. I can honestly tell you that if buckwheat cakes are what I think they are then that is the only of those combinations that I've heard of or eaten! However, even though I thought we had not one more meal in the house and were in desperate need of a grocery shopping trip, now that I know fish and cucumbers are an acceptable meal, I can unthaw those few salmon patties in my freezer and serve them with the handful of cucumbers I've got in the fridge!

A menu plan "that will interest the 16-Year-Old" on page 87 prefaces it's choices with the following: "Every young girl is anxious to give a party that is different and to be assured that her boy and girl friends are going to have as fine a time at her home as at any other. The kinds of cake or sandwiches or other dishes that the boys like will always be the ones decided upon." Ha! I won't write them all out now but I can say that most of them involve coffee and toast!

My favorite part of the book is the very last page, "Hints for Young Housewives". There were a couple of really great ideas, as well as some that I'd already had to learn from trial and error! I liked this idea for keeping a round, cut cake fresh: "cut the desired number of slices from center of cake. Push the two remaining pieces close together like a whole cake and it will keep moist and soft for several days." Duh...I can't believe I haven't thought of that yet!

All teasing aside, I really think this book will come in handy as I plan to invite the ladies of our church (all but a handful of them are great-grandmothers) over for a get-together now and then. I'm sure it will really bless them to have me make up some of these recipes that they probably remember having as a child or preparing as a young wife.

Enjoy your Blue Monday!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Mystery of History Creation Lesson: Blue Monday

Today for Blue Monday over at Smiling Sally's blog lots of talented bloggers are writing about their beloved blue "stuff"!

I'm joining in the fun by featuring a series of artwork that my kids did one day during our Mystery of History lesson on creation. All were done on blue construction paper.

Each child was responsible for creating a picture for one day of creation. Selah, age 3, did Day 1 (above). She's got some black to represent darkness and some sunshines to represent light. Jesus is featured there as well because He was there too!

Lynzie, 10, got two days since we had more days than artists---her picture shows Day 2 and Day 3:

Cainan, 5, did Day 4:

He's got a sun, moon, and stars in there!

Elisha, age 6, took Day 5:

He was feeling a little unsure of his birds but we all assured him they were great!

And finally, Michael, age 8, did Day 6:

Michael was uncomfortable depicting Adam and Eve without clothing so he decided to dress them! He's got several cute animals there, including a horse, a flamingo, a frog?, a monkey and a tiger!

I told the kids that I'd do Day 7 but, unfortunately, have been too busy with new baby to get to it yet! I have, instead, acted out that lovely day of rest with many naps since! I also blogged about rest here!

Hope you all have a great and restful Blue Monday! Visit Smiling Sally to see more participants!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Blue Monday: Two Special Gifts

Today I'm linking up for the first time with SmilingSally for Blue Monday. To visit other Blue Monday participants, click here.

My blue item today is this beautiful little figurine that my 10 year old daughter, Lynzie, gave to me this last Christmas. What is so special about her is that Lynzie had picked out one very similar to it weeks before and told me how much she liked it. I told her to put it on her Christmas list!

When I opened her gift, it really blessed me that she'd chosen something that she wanted so badly to give to me. To add to the specialness, I had purchased the one she picked out and stuck it in her stocking---so we ended up with a matching set!

My daughter Lynzie is one of God's most special gifts to me! She is not only a lovely young lady of whom I grow more and more proud each year, but she's also becoming a close friend and prayer partner!

The second special gift I'd like to introduce is also one of my children---our newest family member, Liam Bradley! Liam was born on May 12 and was the tie breaker for our three boys and three girls! While he's nice and pink, I figured blue is the color associated with baby boys so it's not too far of a stretch to feature him on Blue Monday, right?

Have a great Blue Monday everyone and be sure to check out all the other Blue Monday bloggers at SmilingSally!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The "Blue Jammies"

I am reposting this for my first week of Favorite Things Friday. For more FTF, click here.

Today I'm very happy to announce the arrival of our newest son, Liam Bradley Coller! Baby Liam was born yesterday morning about 5:00 am.

In honor of this little guy's birth, I'm blogging about the "Blue Jammies" for Vintage Thingie Thursday and Favorite Things Friday.

Liam is our seventh child and the newest one to wear these "vintage to some" baby pajamas. I'm not sure how I even ended up with these 11 years ago when I was preparing for the birth of our first child but it has somehow become a tradition for each of our children to wear them on their first night home. They're made of a light blue terry cloth material and have square plastic snaps and white lace on the collar. I'm thinking they're from the late 70's, early 80's. **Update: My mom says that she's pretty sure she got these as a gift in 1982 when my brother Joe was born. They must have been in the hope chest she gave me when I had our first daughter. That makes them even more special! Thanks Mom and Uncle Joe!**

At this point, we're still in the hospital but I'm really looking forward to getting Liam all snuggled up in the Coller Family Pajamas once were home and settled! (Update: to see Liam in the Blue Jammies, click here and scroll down to the end of the post.)

For more Vintage Thingy Thursday, click here!
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