Saturday, January 8, 2011

Whenever I see a photo of Princess Diana, it reminds me of my mom. Those who know her will probably be surprised to hear that. After all, my mom is a dark-haired, brown-eyed Potawatomi American Indian. Princess Di was a blonde-haired, blue-eyed British Royal.

It's not the photo itself that reminds me of mom---instead, it's the memory it conjures up. I can remember several times throughout my childhood that my mom would talk about watching Princess Di's wedding to Prince Charles on tv. She would say it was so beautiful and she really had looked up to her and thought she was a neat lady.

I've never been all that into her, really, but the thoughts of my mom make thoughts of the Princess more meaningful, I guess.

Today I was in Target and spotted the commemorative edition of USA Today that features Prince William's and Catherine Middleton's wedding plans. I almost didn't give it a second thought but then something inside told me to skim through it.

As I looked over photos of the couple and their relatives (including several of Princess Diana), I was reminded again how much my mom liked her and probably would have loved to have some sort of commemorative publication featuring their wedding. So...I stuck it in my cart and went on to the next aisle.

Then I went back and grabbed another for mom.


  1. I too sat mesmerized in front of the TV watching Princess Di Marry her Prince Charles. It truly was a fairy tale.

    How I wish it would have had a "happily ever after" ending.

  2. Mom says on Facebook: "Thank you, Sarah. You've got me crying again! The Princess Diana days were happy days. I will be honored to have a copy of her son's wedding plans!"

  3. Oh, Sarah, again I am thinking that your mom and i might get on very well if we knew each other out there in the real world. I remember sitting with my mother-in-law watching the fantasy wedding, and then, in later years, sad to see the turn that the "Royal Marriage" had taken. It makes me feel strange, though, that I might have a daughter your age and SEVEN almost EIGHT grandchildren. No wonder I think your mom looks so young. We're about the same age! LOL!

  4. What great thoughts when I see Di I know I will think of your mom..Will watch the wedding thinking of your mom. Laura

  5. I had the honor of working with Princess Di's dresses when they were on display here. It was a wonderful experiecne!

  6. I was very little when they got married, but I remember watching it on tv. I have never really been into the Royals, but my Mom met a woman who was selling her doll collection, and she made a good bargain with her. Among the prizes were Charles and Diana in their wedding garb, made by the House of Nesbit. I still have them, packed away somewhere. I loved not really playing with them, but admiring the quality and craftsmanship put into creating those dolls. They were more like works of art than dolls.

  7. Karla said on Facebook: "i remember the wedding. my mom woke us up early in the a.m. to watch it. my mom loved diana too. i would love to look at the mag.
    i can't wait to watch the wedding in april:)"

  8. Sarah,
    I too remember the wedding of Princess Di. I got up at 4:00 am to watch it live! At that time, it was the fairy tale wedding of the century, or so we all thought. It is wonderful to see her sons happy and William marrying someone who he truly loves. That was so nice of you to pick that up for your Mom. I know she will love it!!

    Thanks for your visit and to answer your question.....No , there are no actual windows behind my bed. Placing it in the corner created some space for storage which I desparately needed at the time and to hide all the boxes back there, I hung the curtains as a disguise! LOL!


  9. I was just thinking today how we come across those commemorative books for Princess Di all the time in the resale biz and now there is a new couple. The only thing that stays the same, is change!

    My Sister and I got up early to see the wedding. A memory we share still, to this day!

  10. Absolutely love your music. I too loved Princess Diana. What a sad tragedy. Hopefully her son will live a long and happy life.

    HaPpY pInK sAtUrDaY!


  11. What a nice post! I remember Diana's wedding also. I think I
    got up very early to watch it.
    You have a beautiful blog...
    Thank you for your nice comment
    on Flora Doora!

    Flora Doora

  12. oh sweet post - what a lovely way to think of your mother.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

  13. On of the saddest days when we lost her. Your mother is a very pretty lady.

  14. Hi
    I'm so excited to see the Royal Wedding. I love weddings. Thanks you so much for visiting My Cozy Corner.

  15. Princess Diana was a huge influence and such a shame she died so young. That was such a sweet post. I read in the comments how thrilled your mother was. That's wonderful.

  16. I remember watching the wedding as well, Sarah. A year later, I was asked to replicate her bouquet, using silks rather than fresh flowers, for the wedding of a co-worker. Princess Diana's wedding certainly influenced lots of other weddings.

    You asked about the tv cabinet in our lake guest room. I believe it is Riverside or Ashley. I bought it at a local furniture store, in Versailles Missouri, about three years ago. They sell those two brands among others.

  17. what a lovely gesture, Sarah!
    i too loved Diana - followed her with interested pleasure. interesting to see life's flow...
    thank you for joining us for the FHC TeaCup Trade! Welcome :)

  18. Happy Day After Pink Saturday Sarah, I love your story I'm happy to hear your mother is still with us, I was thinking she was not until I got to the part where you bought her a copy. That was sweet of you, my mother passed away New year's day two years ago and I miss her very much. Your mother is gorgeous. Thanks for stopping by to say hi. Have a wonderful week and enjoy the magazine.

  19. I remember watching that wedding too - it was so magical! Thanks for sharing those memories with us.
    Wow - homeschool teacher of 8! How do you do it?
    Happy pink Saturday!

  20. Honestly, I've never really understood the hype of the Royal Family, but I do remember sleeping on the couch and waking up in parts to see the wedding as my mom was watching it on tv.

    I only hope that William has a happier outcome in his marriage than his parents. It does sound like he's learned from the past to do things differently this time, so maybe there is hope for a happy ending this time.

  21. You are such a caring and thoughtful daughter! And what a beautiful mom she is!

    I miss seeing Lady Diana's fair face on the covers of magazines...such a lady! Hope that Kate will find much happiness with her prince!

  22. My mom got my sister and me up early that morning so we could watch the wedding - she wanted us to see her become a princess. I will be up watching this wedding, too. :) And congratulations on your pregnancy! Thanks for stopping by this weekend.

  23. It's funny how some people just love the royals. My MIL is actually taking a day off from work to watch the wedding:)

    Enjoy reading it!

  24. I was all into watching that wedding, too. Too bad her prince turned out to be a toad. I hope Will does better than his father...and of course I'll be watching the wedding! :) Nancy


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