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Super Easy Petits Fours

My recipe for Easy Petits Fours is, by far, my most popular post. I have people coming to that post every single day! So, here you go!

When you're done reading the recipe, please make sure and read about my blogging friend, Cindy at Blessings From Cindy, and the gorgeous craft idea she came up with! Her Craft Blotter is so easy---you could make one today for a Christmas gift---and make one tomorrow for yourself!

For several years, I would make these really easy petits fours for different church functions. Here's how you can make a simple petit four with basic ingredients and supplies you likely have on hand.

 Begin with a boxed Pound Cake mix and the ingredients mentioned on the back (eggs, water, etc.)  You will also need a package of vanilla almond bark and food coloring if desired.

Line a jelly roll pan with parchment paper.  I like to spray the pan with nonstick spray or water first to help the paper stick to the pan and not roll up.  Mix your cake ingredients according to the directions on the box, spread batter into pan, and bake at 350 for 15-20 min. or until done and lightly golden brown.  

Let the cake cool completely and then cut it into squares with a sharp knife.  You will likely not cut into the parchment paper but if you are concerned about that you can turn the cake out onto a cutting board and remove the paper first.  Pound Cake is very easy to cut into nice squares thus eliminating the need for an actual petit four pan.

When cake is completely cooled, break half the package of almond bark into a bowl and microwave at 30 sec. intervals, stirring in-between.  I like to add some oil or shortening too to make dipping easier.  When it is completely melted, you can mix in some food coloring if you'd like.

Using a fork, dip the cake into the coating to cover it completely.  The coating gets thicker as it cools so you may find yourself having to spoon the coating onto the cake and then tap the excess off on the side of your bowl.  Transfer the coated petit four to wax or parchment paper.

If you desire a decoration on top, add it as soon as you place the cake on the paper to cool.  Almond Bark sets up pretty quickly and you want your decoration to stick.  I found these pearly candies at Target in the Easter section.

Once the coating has hardened, you are all done!  I got several compliments on these today from my homeschooling mom friends!  In the past, I've taken the time to fill them with jelly or frosting.  This makes for a much taller petit four, but one could always cut the cake in half before filling---although this will make it less stable as the cake will be pretty thin.  Have fun making these and make sure to send me pictures of your own creations!

Make sure and visit Cindy's blog, Blessings from Cindy to learn how to make this adorable Craft Blotter:

   Cindy's instructions are super easy and the project is made from things you probably already have around the home! Thank you, Cindy!


  1. Wow yummy pink foodie..Happy Pink Saturday...

  2. Its another Pink Saturday.....I am always amazed at ALL the pink stuff...we come up with....stop by and see what everyone is doing this week-end!
    God Bless you!

  3. Oh I am so doing this one for the Easter Party!!! This is amazing...

    Great Pink entry Thanks!!

  4. I love these... so pretty, and I am sure yummy!!! thanks for sharing! :)

  5. Sarah, love this recipe. Thank you for sharing. So pretty too! Have a wonderful day and happy Pink Saturday too.

  6. YUM ! thank you so much for sharing how to make these... I love petit fores and now I know an easy way to make them. happy pink Saturday !

  7. Your blog is adorable...and YUM,YUM,YUM I love the recipe you have shared! How cute...and quick! We are going to try this very soon! I'm becoming a follower as I can see it is truly amazing over here at your bloghome!
    A busy Mommy...homeschooler..and a wonderful blogger hats off to you Momma...APPLAUSE!

  8. Happy Pink Saturday Sarah, YUMMY! they look delicious. Thanks for sharing the recipe. Have a wonderful week.

  9. Happy Pink Saturday!

    Thaks for sharing your great recipe! What a cute idea! I have a lot of tea parties at my house and I am going to try this one! Thanks for this great idea! Yummy and sweet pinks!
    Blessings to you!
    Love Tammy

  10. Thank you SO much for this wonderful, nostalgic post!! These are the most-remembered Party Food of my childhood and teens, and I did a longing post on it some time ago on my own blog.

    We called them "Individual Iced Cakes" and they came from the one really fancy bakery two-towns over, decorated almost always with the pink half-roses and pale green leaves of the B.W. (Before Wilton) days.

    This has just been delightful!!


  11. Oh I just love your petit fours!

    Last Monday I did a tutorial on a pink party favor which you might enjoy.

    Happy Pink Saturday!

  12. I tried to lick the computer screen...not very satisfying...but darn those little petits fours look amazing...since I'm off chocolate for lent...think I'll try to make these...thanks for the inspirations...

  13. Those are simply beautiful - Thank you so much for sharing this. I can't wait to make them!

  14. YOu make it look so easy! I tried putting on the frosting with a cake decorating tube, then dipping them in chocolate. well I had a mess, your way does look easy! then I went through tons of powdered sugar frosting. When people ate them they were horribly dry. I will have to try it again! I can craft, but bake....not so much!


  15. I cannot wait to try to makes these!! They are so pretty! I am your newest follower! I am a brand new blogger; therefore, I am just learning!! I hope you will come by to visit me sometime!!!


  16. You sure do make these look super easy & super yummy!! I invite you to link up any & all of your delightful creations to The Homespun Bake Shop @ The Tattered Tag. It's a great, new place to share & find delicious inspiration. My weekly blog bash K.I.S.S. is also in full swing, so please link up there too. Happy to be a new follower:)

    Drop by The Tattered Tag

  17. Oh my gosh, Sarah, these are gorgeous--WOW!!!
    Happy Pink Saturday!!!

  18. Hi Sarah, These are great! And so pretty...perfect for Easter, wedding showers, baby showers....just all kinds of events. Happy Pink belated Saturday. xo

  19. Hello,

    Thanks for visiting me! Love these they look delicious!

    ~ Gabriela ~

  20. Happy Pink Saturday!
    hey Sarah, these look so yummy!!! Will definitely be trying these out:)


  21. So cute and clever. THese must be a huge it. I'd love to make them someday!

  22. Oh my now I need sugar! You did a wonderful job with these! Yummy!

  23. Your petit four cakes look very pretty and perfect for a Spring treat, Sarah. Thank you for the best wishes for my future grandson!

    Have a wonderful pink week!

  24. Yummy! They woud make evr such a nice tea!


  25. Hey Lady, Fun recipe. Hope you have a happy pink week

  26. yummy!! Man those look delish.

    Laurie {Tip Junkie}

  27. HI Sarah

    Your petits look lovely.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and for your lovely comments. The recipe is up there today. It is easy and oh so yummy.

    Best wishes

  28. Thanks so much for posting this! I think this would be perfect for my daughters french inspired birthday party. thanks!

    aubrie @ http://amamab.blogspot.com

  29. going to make these for a baby shower only with tiny baby themed sprinkles! Thanks for the idea!

  30. Wow! They sure are pretty and not too much work either. Plus, they sure look yummy!


  31. They look yummy! I love that you used edible pearls. They look so pretty!

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  32. These look really sweet for a baby shower!!

    This is PERFECT for my new weekly linky party - Foodie Friday! If you got a sec, please link up!

    Found you on Dittle Dattle!

  33. came across this on tip junkie... excited to make these:)

  34. I've enjoyed your petits fours in the past and they are wonderful! I didn't know they would be so easy. Thanks Sarah!

  35. I found you on Google!! This looks so super easy. Thanks for the info!


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