Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Antique Store Finds

Yesterday was my husband's day off and he was so sweet to send me out to have a little quiet time at the antique store...yay!  Here's what I found:  
This little book, The Lively Little Rabbit was one of my favorites when I was little.  I bought it to put in baby Liam's first Easter basket this year!  I also found these sweet mouse shakers.  We needed new shakers and I thought the kids would think these were pretty sweet!  They're not vintage...but cute even so!

A few months ago, I saw a blog where a lady hung vintage hand mirrors all over her bathroom wall with plate hangers.  I thought that was such a creative idea!  So...I'm trying to collect a bunch to make my own little wall display.  I found the brush and mirror as a set so bought them both but would gladly trade the brush to anyone who might have a mirror they want to swap!

I'm also trying to collect a bunch of mini shaker sets to put at individual place settings for a fancy dinner.  (There are 10 of us so far so I'll be collecting awhile!)  The ones on the right on the little tray are not vintage...but cute!  I had to put the little hat pin holder in this picture because I saw three others throughout that store and all of them were marked as "salt shakers".  In fact, this one was only $2 because the vendor thought it was missing it's partner!  Ha! When I went to pay for it, the store owner said, "Oh, it's still got a little salt in it!"  I said, "Someone really used it as a shaker?"  She looked at me funny and said, "Yessss...."  I told her it was a hat pin holder.  Two holes = salt shaker.  Three holes = pepper shaker.  TWELVE holes = hat pin holder.  That would be some SERIOUS salting otherwise...Ha!

Here are a few sweet things I found for crafting.  I plan on decorating the little bottle to resemble Alice's "Drink Me" bottle as it's the same shape.  The one little earring will make a cute embellishment on something.  I LOVE my two glass bottle stoppers and am hoping to collect many more.  I also found these two Eiffel Tower pendants (not vintage) for crafting embellishments.

Visit Coloradolady for more Vintage Thingie Thursday! I'm also linking up with Blue Creek Home's Treasure Hunt Thursday and Thrifty Groove's Thrifty Things Friday for the first time this week!

The Thrifty Groove


  1. What a neat idea for the mirrors. I don't see too many like these. I will try and keep an eye out for any when I am out junking!! Happy VTT!

  2. Well, Mrs Coller, I'm just loving your great finds! The little mirrors are just adorable and what a grand idea!

    I'm your newest follower!


  3. Hi Sarah,
    Oh My what fun goodies! I love the idea of the mirrors on the wall...BUT...I think you should NOT part with the brush that matches your mirror... Instead keep collecting the mirrors AND display the "SET" on the counter OR a little shelf to accent the mirrors on the wall... Gee, I hope you don't mind my 2cents. It's only my opinion,hehe...I'll be WATCHING for mirrors for you! Hugs to you,

  4. It's so fun to see what everyone is collecting. Your little salt and pepper shakers are so cute. And the hatpin holder is great. Very pretty. I love old Golden Books too. Thanks for sharing and happy VTT!

  5. My mom does that! ( hangs hand mirrors on her bathroom wall.) You will LOVE the way it looks!

  6. Oh my gosh, Sarah, I love your finds!!! And how awesome are the Eiffel Towers and the Drink Me bottles? That was so clever about the mock turtleneck sweater!!! You would be amazing at writing children's books!!!

  7. Great treasures...love the mirrors!!!!


  8. Sarah, i love what you're planning to do with the mirrors and i also love the hatpin holder, i also collect them..:)

  9. I think I saw that same post on the mirrors on the wall. That is a cute idea and you're off to a great start.

  10. I never knew that little tidbit about the holes so thank you for sharing. I am wondering though if it is a hatpin holder how come it had a place to put the salt in. You would think it would be closed up? Lovely mirrors. Cannot wait to see your wall.

  11. That is a an interesting idea with the mirrors. Wish I could think of some these great ideas. I am sure in time you will find just the right things to finish out your mirrored wall.

  12. Reply to Deborah:

    "Oh yes, about the "place to put the salt"... It had a hole at the bottom---like most hollow porcelain things do. Pick up any hollow ceramic or porcelain knick-knack you have and you'll see the hole at the bottom from the mold. Well, there is a strangely formed piece of rubber stuck inside this hat pin holder from the first time they tried to plug it. Then there's a nicely shaped cork stuck half way in the hole for the second attempt at plugging it. It looks like the cork worked but then got stuck inside so they gave up. Ha!"

  13. Oh I think I used to have that book! Wow! Now I'm feelin a lil old~ lol!
    Thanks for your input & visiting my blog!

  14. I've seen pictures with the hanging vintage mirrors, too. It's such a cute idea. I love it. I got a good laugh at the hat pin holder as a salt shaker.

  15. I love the idea of hanging the hand mirrors. Hmm, will have to check out what I have. Those S&P shakers are wonderful, good idea to have a supply of the little ones for each guest. Thanks so much for stopping by to visit me and for your sweet comment!

  16. Too funny about the hat pin holder:)

    Love the idea of a mirror collage!

    Have a wonderful Easter!


  17. I had to laugh about the hat pin/salt shaker mix up!!! It's really pretty! You would be hard pressed to ever find it's matching pepper shaker! : }

    Thanks for linking all of your pretty treasures to Treasure Hunt Thursday.

  18. Hi Sarah
    You seem like an amazing woman to me..... 8 children and a home schooling mum. I can barely handle 2 kids.

    What a supportive husband to let you head off on a break on his day off. Mine is the complete opposite. I have to really negotiate to get some time out.

    As for 'This arvo' it is short for this afternoon. Australians shorten everything. You have to speak quickly here so the flies don't get into your mouth. Just kidding
    Have a wonderful Easter
    Best Carolyn

  19. Oh Sarah! You found all kinds of fabulous vintage goodies! I love those mirrors and if I ever see any out thrifting I am going to snatch them up! What a funny story about the hat pin holder! If you get a chance, I would love for you to join me for my "Thrifty Things Friday" party! I hope you and your family have a lovely Easter!

  20. Thanks for sharing all your awesome treasures with us at TTF today Sarah!

  21. I love that book. When I taught I always read it to my students.It was always a big hit.


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