Friday, August 26, 2011

The Pink To-Do List

I'm SOOO busy!!!!!!!!!  Whew, that feels better...  Seriously, though, this has been such a crazy busy summer.  I'm totally looking forward to fall and the start of our homeschool so we can get in a routine and SLOW DOWN!!

As I was roaming around, figuring out what to put up for Pink Saturday, I discovered several PINKS in my To Do lists/piles.  I'm hoping to have all outside obligations and pressing "to-do"s done by Sunday night...here are a few things on my list...

Elisha lost a tooth early today (Well, actually, he went through 4 different family members before someone could get a good enough hold on it to yank it out) so I've got to go find him a little something tonight to put out for a prize!

I've been blessed with so many nice gifts since I've had Kynthia...I want to spend some time this weekend writing out thank you cards!

My mom has planned a special baby shower for Kynthia and I on Sunday.  I'm going to make our cake sometime Saturday.

We want to start school on Monday so I've got to get our lesson plans done up for a couple of weeks.  Here's 7-year-old Cainan's math books for the year.  This is his first "formal" year and he's SO excited!!

Oh yes, and then there's laundry to be folded and put away...

This is as much as I can show you of my next "to do". My friend, Audra, is renewing her vows with her husband of 17 years next Friday.  My task is to bustle her gown...something I've never done before!  The picture above is actually the garment bag that her dress is hanging in.  You know it's bad luck to see the dress before the big day...and you never know if her husband, Bob, might just be lurking here on Pink Saturday!!

Everything's going great here in the Coller household with our new sweetie, Kynthia Joy.  Big brother, Liam, is learning how to play nice (he truly does adore her!) and baby Kynthia is learning how to be tough!

Thank you to everyone who sent happy birthday wishes Selah's way last week. She was thrilled to receive this awesome PINK scooter for her 5th birthday on Monday!

So, now that I've shared my to do list with you all...

Does anyone have any suggestions for the rest of this yummy PINK buttercream frosting?

Today I'm linking up with Beverly's Pink Saturday!  There's a whole lotta PINK going on there today so stop by and say HI if you've got a minute or two!


  1. Hi Sarah,
    Oh your family is SO beautiful!!! Sending best wishes your way and hope your shower is SO much fun!!!

  2. Hello Sarah,
    Stopping in to wish you a happy Pink Saturday...Enjoyed your Pink To do List.. : )

  3. Hi Sarah!

    You certainly have your hands full. I sure hope you have enough energy for all of that work you have to do. I will pray for strength for you! As for the pink frosting, you could pipe it in to some bugle corn chips and make mini ice cream cones! Add some sprinkles on top to decorate! That would be fun, easy, and so cute! If you do it you must post your pictures! Have fun at your shower! I hope you have a blessed weekend! Love Tammy

  4. Very sweet pic with big brother. The pink icing looks so yummy--maybe make some cookies too and ice them. I'd probably be tempted to eat with a spoon.

  5. Great post ... pretty kids ... save that icing in the fridge and use it to make filled cookies with graham crackers of vanilla wafers! Easy and yummy. You can also freeze butter cream ... just whip it up a little more when you thaw it to use it.

  6. The kids are growing fast. Pssst - did you know the tooth fairy is leaving bills instead of coins these days - at least that's what my granddaughter told me.


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