Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Homemaking Weekend Link-Up! Pretend Tea Party!

My husband works nights and tonight I was feeling a little lonely.  So, I fixed myself up a pretty table setting and enjoyed a big pot of soup, a whole pot of tea, and a plate heaped with rich, creamy fudge !
Ok, true confession:  My husband DOES work nights...but I fixed the setting so I could show off my new soup tureen!  (Everything's actually empty and the fudge is wrapped up to send with my mom to work tomorrow!)  I found this neat Lefton soup tureen at Salvation Army recently for $2.00!!!  Our local store has a little room with extremely overpriced "antiques" (some of which are actually Dollar Store items that were made to look antique...but whatever...)  I saw this tureen in the window and knew it would be priced pretty high.  When I got in there, I saw that there was no price on it!  I asked the girl and she said $2.00!!  OKAY!!!  Oh, I should add that our family will not actually use this for soup---it's waaay too small for the 10 of us!  Instead, it will be our gravy "boat" this Thanksgiving...just the right size for that!

This pretty china set and (some of the) tea service was in a shop that my mom bought a few years ago. She gave it to me and I love using it!  I bought the pot and a few extra items on eBay.
Since I don't take milk with my tea, I thought Sam the Lamb would be a cute addition to the table!  I should also add that this "table cloth" is actually a flannel nightgown I made myself a couple years ago!  Ha!! That cracks me up! 
Here's a pretty sampler my oldest daughter made me last year for Mother's Day.  She's got such talent---especially for an 11-year-old girl!
Here's a couple new flavors of fudge I just put in my Etsy store tonight.  Here is Pumpkin Pie fudge and Mocha Almond fudge!  Are you interested in winning some?  Check out my giveaway here.  

It's time for another Homemaking Weekend Link-Up!  I'd love for anyone interested to link-up her homemaking posts today!  You can do more than one a week, if you'd like, and please make sure to take a button and link back to this page so others can visit as well!  The button is at the top of my sidebar!

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  1. Love your soup tureen! Getting one is on my priority list - - - though I know I don't ACTUALLY need it.

  2. I really like that soup tureen. I can't believe that you got it for only $2.00! The china set is lovely as well. I like the little detailed flowers.

    The fudge looks good too, although I need to stay away from too many sweets.

    I can't believe you made a tablecloth out of a nightgown, ha, ha! :) That's pretty creative though!

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  3. You are so funny! Love your sense of humor and that you called yourself out on the nightgown tablecloth. This setup looks so pretty. I bet your Thanksgiving table will look beautiful :) thanks for sharing! And, um, yes I think i'll be entering that giveaway!

  4. Was nice seeing some of your goodies. I love soup, but never have it in anything this fancy.

  5. so lovely!!! and you are too funny!!!

  6. OMG! $2 for that beautiful soup tureen? geezz!! I love it, it's great! I love the pretty china too, just lovely. Great tabletopper...from a nightgown, wow, I thought I did good with my curtains turned into tablecloths! Thanks for the giveaway chance, I'l hop there right now. Wishing you and yours a very blessed Thanksgiving, fun and yummy food!

  7. Oh, I do have tureen envy! It's so pretty! That fudge looks fabulous too. We are all playing with dishes, it's the child in us. Um... so what are you going to wear to sleep tonite? a curtain? Tablecloth?

  8. Wow I want to go shopping with you. Our Salvation Army store has never had that great a buy. Your table is beautiful.

  9. What a fabulous find!!! and love that it will be used for gravy ... sounds like your table will be filled with many blessings... Happy Thanksgiving! xo HHL

  10. What a fabulous find!!! and love that it will be used for gravy ... sounds like your table will be filled with many blessings... Happy Thanksgiving! xo HHL

  11. Sarah, I can't believe you got that soup tureen for only $2.00! It's gorgeous! What a deal! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!
    Love, Cindy

  12. Your tureen is gorgeous, Sarah! And so is your tea set. Hope your holiday weekend is going great....Christine

  13. What a great deal! I have little parties every so often too, all alone. But I like my own company, so that helps! To answer your question, our Small Town - is SMALL. We have 22 people that live here, and everything we do is done in the old fashioned way. Now I don't mean crazy like outdoor toilets (but we do have them), but the church brings in the crowd every Sunday, and on Christmas Eve is packed to the beams. The church will hold about 200 in seats, then add chairs, so it's not small. Anyway, loved hearing from you, I'm going to join you as a follower! Hope you have a wonderful, safe Holiday season. Merry Christmas!

  14. Mmmm. It's just about teatime; I wish I had such a lovely setup to enjoy it at! And you make me want to make some fudge.

    Best of luck with your Etsy shop. And good luck with your blog; it's got so much to look at--pretty cursor movements, lots of links/buttons on the sidebar, and beautiful music. It certainly encourages one to stay and read longer :-)

  15. Oh, I love your table setting! What a nice way to treat yourself. Happy Pink Saturday. Love your blog. Come see what I wrote about gratitude throughout the season.

  16. Wow is that soup tureen beautiful!! I love the curves and shape of it. What a deal/steal!! Your table is charming! Happy Holidays!
    Miss Bloomers

  17. Wow! Talk about a good deal. The tureen is just gorgeous and the price a total steal. You have a delightful blog. So glad I found you on BNOTP...Tablescape Thursday. I am a brand new blogger and am so tickled to find so many wonderful blogs with my same interests.

  18. Very pretty!!

    Barbie and Ken, please come and see. Have a great weekend.

  19. hello sarah
    your soup tureen looks wonderful.
    oh ,this china is a dream..i love it.
    i hope you have had a wonderful thanksgiving.

  20. Happy Pink Saturday. Thoroughly enjoyed your post. Loved the soup tureen, the find and price and that you'll be using it as a gravy boat. Wonderful! Saw your family pics on the sidebar, great family! What fun! Great post! Thanks, Jenn

  21. That is gorgeous! I would love to be featured!! Thanks for offering!!!!!

  22. Looks like you had a lovely night, beautiful dishes.


  23. Wow, I love your blog! So cute. And that soup tureen, at $2.00, is incredible! I am seething with envy.

    Thanks for sharing your lovely collection!

    - Chelise

  24. oh wow thats so sweet!! wow that tureen is so so nice!! ooH i want haha! Ichigoshortcake from swapbot.

  25. Sarah,
    We just returned from our Thanksgiving with family and friends, and I admit I have been off the blog for a while and not visited many of my blogging friends. You are one of those that I just LOVE to read ~ I am always blessed or learn something which enriches me. It is evident that you love WELL! Thank you for sharing all you do. BTW, this is a great post and it is amazing that you found that tureen for $2.00!! Thank you for linking up and sharing the beauty :) Hope to see you Wednesday again!


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