Monday, November 14, 2011

Holly Hobbie Pumpkins and a Giveaway!

I've got two more of these cute blue Holly Hobbie pumpkins left in my Etsy shop if anyone wants one for the holidays!  Do you like giveaways?  Well then visit this page to see how you can enter my newest giveaway for a box of fudge or carmels!

Happy Blue Monday!  Linking here today:
Smiling Sally


  1. That is the cutest blue pumpkin ever. If I as into that, I would buy one.

  2. I love Holly Hobby blues!

    Happy Blue Monday, Sarah.

  3. Wow, such lovely blues!

    Blue as can Be, hope you can join my giveaway too.

  4. Hello! I'm your partner for Blog Comment Lovers. I absolutely *love* this! You made it? Did you use decoupage? It looks so cute yet still festive because it's a pumpkin. I also love the vintage feel. I strolled through your blog and noticed a lot of your things have a vintage feel to them that is very lovely. It was very nice to peek into your world and nice to meet you. Hope to talk soon!

  5. I love the Holly Hobbie Pumpkin! It reminds me of my youth, when she was first coming into her hayday! So cute!
    MrsRemington- swap-bot

  6. I love the Holly Hobbie! She is from my youth. So cute.

  7. Cute little pumpkin. Holly Hobby is always a hit. I"m following you here Sarah. I thought I already was, but maybe that was on your other blog.
    Blessings on your day.

    Coleen in Ukraine

  8. That's a real cute pumpkin! I don't see much Holly Hobby stuff these days.



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