Thursday, January 12, 2012

Wrapping Up Christmas -- Homemaking Link-Up Weekend

Well, I'm a little later than usual this year, but I think it's about time I put away our Christmas decorations!  While it was a great Christmas, I still regret that it went by so quickly and I wish we would have stressed less and enjoyed more!

There were a few things that I had taken photos of in December and had planned to feature here but never did get to it...so, I thought I'd do that today for the Homemaking Link-Up Weekend!
My Mom bought me this gorgeous teapot when we went for our annual Christmas shopping day the weekend after Thanksgiving.  I love it---thanks, Mom!
Mom also gave me my great grandma's neat vintage tree and deer.  I'd love to find more in this set!
Here's all the family (except Liam who was napping) after they'd completed the annual gingerbread house!
Dad got pretty creative this year with his decorating ideas!  Love it!
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I'd love to have you link up your homemaking posts below!  Hope you have a GREAT weekend!

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  1. I LOVE your tea pot, but then again, I adore all kind of adorable tea pots, even though I only own 3. :)

    Looks like your family did a great job on making the gingerbread house.

    The picture of your family is great too! Everyone seems quite contented and happy.

    I linked-up this week, but it's not exactly a homemaking post. It relates more to marriage. I hope you don't mind.


    -M. Wildflower

  2. Hi Sarah,
    I love your Christmas/Winter tea pot. It is so festive. I would use it all winter long. And the children look like they had a great time making the ginger bread house..dad too!..I dont know why I cant link up to the second person's page. Maybe she has to have a link back to your page for it to work. I only have Valentine's to show and they have nothing to do with homemaking so I'm passing this week. Hope to have somethign next week to go with your party theme..But, I will be visiting all your guest's sites.
    Have a great day..

  3. What a lovely family you have! I hated to pack away Christmas, too! It was a quiet and beautiful Christmas. Now I am looking towards spring!
    Many Blessings!
    ♥ Jil

  4. Hi Sarah,
    I commented once but blogger and aol gave me an error. It might be our strong winds right at the moment. I just wanted you to know that the second poster has a problem with her page. It won't open up. I know sometimes LINKY wont work if she has no link back to your page. Just wanted you to know. I'm happy I was able to link up! Thanks...
    Enjoy your time..

  5. It's really hard to take the decorations down... but you know you have to! Traditionally, it should be on 12th Night (6th January) but I'm sure nobody will complain, lol. Doesn't the house look bare now?

    Hugs and Happy Pink Saturday!

  6. I love your mother's C'mas teapot, it's gorgeous! I also like your grandma's little tree and deer, so cute, specially caz it's a heirloom. Thank you for hosting and having me. Have a terrific weekend with your beautiful family.

  7. Love Comment Blog ♥ (6) Swap Piimanyx (3/3)

    I'm fan about gingerbread house ! I really love your gingerbread house ! It's so cute !
    I'm very impressed by the work !
    Good job !
    Did you eat it ? It was good ?

  8. Hi Sarah, thanks for visiting my blog. I so appreciate your faithful ness. I love seeing your Christmas pictures (your teapot is just beautiful). And so nice to see your whole lovely family. I like that gingerbread house too, is that cute or what?! Such a fun tradition for the kids. When mine were young I was very aware of making traditions for them to grow up with.
    Happy New Year to you and yours,
    Coleen in Ukraine

  9. What a beautiful family you have:)

    Visiting for Pink Saturday! Here's my share-hope you can stop by:)


  10. Hello Sarah,
    Thank you for inviting me to your Homemaking Weekend. I'm happy to link up with your ladies.
    Your teapot is beautiful..it makes me smile just looking at it..I love anything Christmas.
    God Bless
    Barb from Australia

  11. Gorgeous family! Happy Pink Saturday.

    My PINK is here. Please come and see.

  12. those deer are absolutely the most adorable little woodland creatures I have ever seen. how lucky you are to now have them in your collec

    eveyinorbit via Love Comment Blog ♥ (6)tion.


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