Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Giveaway Jubilee --- Spring 2012

Just a super quick note to let you all know...  

I'm planning a quarterly Giveaway Jubilee!

This month-long giveaway party will give each of us the opportunity to:

**Increase traffic to our blogs!

**Share something beautiful with someone else!

**Visit lovely new bloggers, as well as our familiar favorites!

**Possibly win something special for ourselves!

My dear husband is soundly sleeping at the moment; but when he wakes up,  I'll ask him to make us a sweet button to advertise the fun.  Then I'll post it here with all the information you need to participate!

For now, plan on linking up your giveaway(s) here March 1st-31st...and check back within the day for all the details!

Are you interested?  Let me know!  This will be such a fun way to ring in Spring!

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