Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Shabby Chic Chandelier --- Guest Post

I am so happy and honored to have my good friend Rachel from Bubbly Nature Creations here guest posting today!  I have been inspired countless times by her unique creativity and bubbly personality!  So many of you have commented on how much you love my blog design---we have Rachel to thank for that, as she is the one who put it together for me!  Enjoy the tutorial and be blessed!
 Hi everyone!  My name is Rachel from Bubbly Nature Creations and  I am
so excited to be featured here on Sarah's blog!!!  She is such a
sweetie and I love her
kind and gentle spirit.  She lifts me up in so many ways and I am so glad to be
her friend!  I also love her blog and wanted to share with all of
you over here how to make a regular chandelier, or other type of hanging light, into a
cute Shabby
Chic Chandelier just in time for Valentine's

what you will need: 
strings of pearls and beads- fake or real if you wish... mine are
totally fake! (make a color scheme from these) 
a few yards of lace
ribbons in coordinating colors 
 First take your strings of pearls and beads and wrap them around
the inside so that they hang down the middle.  It doesn't have to
be perfect either! 
Then take your lace and start hanging it between the lights... tie the
two ends of the lace together and just adjust how they hang down from
there.  Next tie little ribbons to the light posts and then you
have your cute shabby chic chandelier!!! Wasn't that so easy?!?
I really love the way
that this turned out!  I am thinking of going to the
dollar jewelry store for some Easter colored
Happy Creating!!! 
Bubbly Nature

Be sure to visit my
this week to find out more about my Valentine's
decor... I will be offering a tutorial on how to make
and I also have a great post about a Valentine's Themed
Iced Coffee Party
  which shows everything that I
have made for Valentine's decor... well so far! :P
Thanks for letting me come and
this with you today!!! 

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