Sunday, May 6, 2012

Food Photography by Sony from SoFabU

I don't know about you, but my most favorite go-to places for recipes are my online friends' blogs.  In fact, my own most visited posts are those in which I've posted recipes and food tutorials.  Our networks of blogging friends are excellent resources for creative meal ideas and kitchen tips.  The biggest hindrance to my posting more recipes is the fact that my photos leave much to be desired!

It is for this reason that I'm so very, very thrilled to tell you about a 6-week course I'm taking through Social Fabric University called Food Photography by Sony.  In this class, I'll be learning and improving my skills in the area of food photography.  Before I found out about this class, I didn't ever consider that there was a specific profession of photographers that focus on food.  Awesome!  
My favorite "food photo" so far!
I'll be learning tips about food presentation and how to get the lighting right.  I'll even get the inside scoop on how professionals use certain tricks when they're taking photos for advertising.  (Like why a Whopper seems to really be a WHOPPER in the photo, but it's just a whopper in the package.)

What I'm really hoping to learn is how to make my food look as good as it tastes!  

Some of my favorite posting themes are those I do with a pretty tea party setting and dainty little treats to nibble on.  I want to learn better angles at which to capture the beauty and peacefulness of the setting.  
How do I capture the prettiness of this setting?  I guess getting the high chair out of the photo would be a good start... :)
One problem I have with my photography now is that I usually get the "hot air balloon view" on everything.  I'd like to learn how to get closeups of the majority of the spread.
A not-so-great view from above!
Very soon, you can all look forward to an improvement to my photos---especially those featuring food---and, therefore, more great recipes!


  1. Sarah-
    What a great idea to take this class! I bet you'll have so much fun, and learn a lot. I hope you'll share a few of those photo taking tips with us (just a couple), because my pics are very "hot air balloon"! LOL
    -Happy for you about this new adventure, Erica :)

  2. Lovely cakes!!! I am sure that you will do awesome!!! ;)

  3. How fun!!! The cake is beautiful :)

  4. I'm looking forward to learning with you, Sarah!

  5. Good luck! I need to work on my photography as well. Nice cake!


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