Monday, May 7, 2012

Elmer's Painters Paint Markers Canvas Shoes Project #CBias #SocialFabric

Sometimes it's fun to relive our best childhood memories through the eyes of our own kids.  I had that chance today!
This afternoon, Lynzie and I took the opportunity to try out Elmer's Painters Paint Markers. Recently, I was thinking back on when I was about her age and how I'd always love to decorate inexpensive canvas shoes from Payless. (We didn't have a Walmart back in those days!) I'd use puffy paints and buttons and make some really cute creations. They'd often end up being too stiff to actually wear, but the fun was in the creating!
I thought Lynzie would have a good time with them too, so I took her to Walmart this afternoon to pick out her supplies. I had been wanting to try out Elmer's Painters Paint Markers, but when I went to look for them in their usual spot, I found that Walmart was clearancing them out.
Luckily, we found some really cute colors on the clearance rack.  Lynzie chose a pack of pastels and an individual gold marker.
When we got to the shoe aisle, we were a little worried because the kind we needed was just about cleared out!  We did, however, find her size!  After that, we shopped for some shoes for Elisha and birthday presents for Liam.  He'll be 2 on Saturday!
When we got home and got all the presents hidden, Lynzie assembled her supplies and got to work.
She removed the laces to get them out of the way, and I primed all of the markers.  I just needed to press each one down on a piece of paper until the paint flowed freely into the tip.  I explained to Lynzie how easy it was to get the paint flowing again if the tip needed a refill. 
She's so creative that she just began and didn't stop until they were adorable.  She even did the laces!
I was really impressed with how quickly the acrylic paint dried and how it didn't affect the flexibility of the shoes at all.  I just think these are the cutest things!  They remind me of Punky Brewster!
Oh yeah, and Mr. Almost Two asked me to include a picture of his foot as well!  Adorable!
To learn more about Elmer's products, visit:

Elmer's Website
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  1. Very cute Sarah! I've painted on shoes before too and I love how they turn out!

  2. Cute, thrifty and creative! Great job!

  3. Love painting on canvas shoes. My kids did that last year and have worn them all through the year. Now they've outgrown them so I think I'll pick up another pair and have them paint new ones. Such a fabulous idea.

  4. GREAT job Lynzie!!! Those turned out really cute Sarah, you have an artist on your hands. ;-)

  5. Such a cute and inexpensive way to turn canvas shoes into chic, personalzied shoes. :)

  6. Ooh, this looks like so much fun! I'm sure that my ladybug would love nothing more than painting on shoes! Great post and thanks for stopping by!

  7. Liam cracks me up!!! LOL!!! ;) I love the shoes... so pretty!!!


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