Monday, December 31, 2012

2013 New Year Goals

Hmmm...thinking about my goals for the year....
 I thought I'd take a minute and share my 2013 goals with you all.  Many of them are similar to last year.  In some cases, that's because I didn't finish them last year.  In other cases, that's because they were so beneficial that I want to continue them this year!
Happy 2013!!!!
Hope your year is happy and blessed!  What kinds of goals have you made for yourself this year?

Relational Goals
*Walk With Jesus*

1.    Work Through Elizabeth Prentiss Study

2.    Establish morning Bible study & journaling

3.    Listen to praise/worship music on my stereo while doing kitchen chores
4.    Spend time in prayer using prayer journal

1.    Remember that Jamie desires a sweet spirit above anything else
2.    Pray for his goals:  health, career search, intentional leadership of our family

     1.   Homeschool consistently Jan-June; take short summer break; continue Aug-Nov

     2.   Be very choosy about outside activities; instead, focus more on building solid characters and obedience training at home
     3.  Pray for them specifically using prayer cards/journal


     1.  Remember that my ministry is my family.  Anything else is extra and not mandatory
     2.  Focus even more on my online ministry:  blog, Facebook, websites I contribute to

Hobby/Creativity Goals


    1.   Post at least three times per week:  Sundays---Christian Home article, Thursdays---Vintage Thursday, Fridays---Homemaking LinkUp/Pink Saturday;  also post once weekly at my other blog, Obedient Joy

    2.   This year, I'll begin contributing to another site based on strengthening marriages.  I want to be in prayer about my articles on a regular basis.

    3.   Pursue other writing opps as I have time throughout the year.  Be choosy about what I take on to make sure the atmosphere of my blog is not compromised.


    1.  Continue adding crafty items and vintage/antique items.  Spend time shopping for resale.


    1.  Really focus on finishing up projects I’ve started and using up my stash.  
    2.  Lynzie received a sewing machine for Christmas.  I want to make time to teach her to use it well.


    1.  Work on using up stash

    2.  Host a CTMH party in early spring

    3.  Try and do some crafting days with Mom


    1.  Decide which instrument of my 3 that I want to learn first:  Celtic Harp, Cello, A/E guitar?  I think I’m leaning toward Celtic Harp

    2.  Patiently accept Jamie’s help in learning it!

    3.  Establish routine of singing hymns with kids before bed...Jamie is interested in this too :)


    1.  Read 50 books
    2.  Be more involved in BookCrossing

    3.  Read regularly with the kids

Homemaking Goals

*Home *

1.    Plan meals and grocery lists several days before shopping trip
2.    Reassign chores to allow Cainan and Selah to take on more responsibility.

3.    Continue working on my kitchen to make it a more pleasant place to work

4.    Focus more on healthy homemade recipes.

5.    Declutter, sell or giveaway unneeded items...a place for everything and everything in it's place

Health Goals


1.    Drink plenty of water daily

2.    Set up small challenges for myself and reward myself when I accomplish them

3.    Ride my bike when weather is nice

4.       Go for walks…by myself and with family

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  1. They look good! I posted mine tonight, too. :) Now to buckle down, and prayerfully tackle January goals. :)

  2. Sounds great! I think I could write down most of these for myself. I think I am a little afraid to write too many goals for myself. I am such an overachiever. I need to be more okay with letting things happen as they will. There! That can be my goal! Lol. Happy new year!

  3. Goodness, you're ambitious! I'm not sure I could even remember that many. LOL. Happy New Year!

  4. What a great list! Clear and very do-able. Thanks for sharing this encouragement this week.

  5. That was a nice list which you shared. I like how you broke it down into do-able areas of responsibilities. It gives me ideas. Thank you for linking up over at WholeHearted Home. I hope to see you again soon!!


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