Monday, February 11, 2013

Writing a Pen Friend Letter

 Tonight I'm going to write a letter to a dear friend.

Jamie bought me some pretty stationery for Christmas and I was so excited to ask my friend if she'd want to be pen friends.

I've been so busy with new baby Brenna and life that I haven't had the chance to ask her yet!  However, a couple days ago I received a letter from her asking me if I wanted to be pen pals!  Crazy, huh?  God must be setting something up here!

So, tonight I'm going to sit down with my pretty new stationery, a couple pieces of Valentine's Day Candy Corn Fudge I made yesterday,

and the pretty tea set Jamie got me for our first Christmas (the beginning of my collection!), and write a pen pal letter to my sweet friend.

I've decorated this table with a pretty bird cloth as she loves birds.  I have lots of birds in my home and they remind me of her friendship.
 I'll record our correspondence in the pretty journal Jamie bought me for Christmas and store all of my writing supplies and special letters in this gorgeous writing desk he surprised me with also.

I'm so excited to renew my love of writing letters~~Thank you to Jamie and my friend for the inspiration!  

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  1. What a lovely post! Pen friends are hard to come by these days...it's mostly email & texts. Well done, you! Our local Hallmark store closed yesterday, blaming e communication. Sigh...I don't write as often as I used to with some arthritis in my hands. Love your pretty tea sets and the candy corn fudge is wonderful! Thanks for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  2. How fun for you! I have lots of pen pals that I've been writing to for years. It's a lost thing these days, it seems, and I love it. :) I much prefer a real letter to an email. Have fun! :)

  3. Hello Sarah,
    Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday! I am so glad you have joined in. We love meeting new tea cup enthusiasts!
    Your tea cup and tea pot are lovely with the red roses on them. They make a sweet setting with your beautiful bird table cloth.

  4. Hello,
    your teacup and teapot are so lovely. I love the red roses.
    I've never heard of candy corn fudge - but it does look intriguing,
    Hope you have a wonderful Valentines Day


  5. I think the older women who will never be "on line" still love getting letters. I kept up with 2 older ladies in the nursing home till both passed a year of so ago. Thank you for linking to "Friends Sharing Tea".

  6. I love, love, LOVE to write letters and often neglect this passion because I feel selfish taking time away from so many needful things to write. But truly, writing words of encouragement and sharing life's joys, ( and maybe trials) is a very needful thing! Your stationery and writing desk are lovely, and would surely inspire me.

    The tea pot & teacup beside your writing desk, for refreshments as you write...blessings.

    Love the picture of your family, you are truly & and abundantly blessed !

  7. I used to wrote letters all the time. Facebook and e-bay mean that I do that a lot less these days. I fear it's a dying art. Your tea set is so pretty. What a beautiful gift that was.

  8. Sarah,
    What a lovely post!! The stationary is stunning and so is you teascape!!


  9. What a great idea! This is so cute. It's been pinned. Happy Valentine's Day!

  10. The stationary is beautiful and truly make a stunning note. The fudge is so creative. Love the look! Happy Valentine's day from your newest follower, Linda

  11. Candy Cane Fudge! Yum. :)
    Visiting today from Thursday's Favorite Things. Happy Valentine's Day. :)

  12. I can't remember the last time I wrote a letter with a pen rather than an email! I love receiving handwritten letters in the mail. I'll have to send some out to friends soon. Thanks for linking up to Family Fun Friday.

  13. We love fudge, and yours is so pretty and delicious looking. And let me just say I believe letter writing is a lost art form. I still do it and so many say they appreciate getting it b/c it's not email or text. Plus I believe highly in hand written thank you notes, and make my son do them too! Thanks for sharing at Church Supper. Have a blessed week & come back soon ~EMM

  14. What a nice way to stay in touch, and spend the afternoon too! Thanks so much for sharing this on The Creative HomeAcre Hop!!!

  15. Hmmm...I should write a friend a real letter, thanks for the reminder. What a pretty tea pot!! I would love to have someone over for something hot. It has been a long time. Sad thing!!

    Thanks for linking up over at WholeHearted Home this week. Thanks for stopping over.

  16. I see a teensy bit of blue . . .

    Have a good Blue Monday, Sarah.

  17. Thanks so much for sharing. I'd love to have you come link this up to our Teach Me Tuesday Linky - it's brand new and in need of creative contributions! http://www.somedayilllearn.com/2013/02/18/teach-me-tuesday-5/

  18. That fudge look amazing and I love that you are going to write letters by hand! Thanks for sharing at The Gunny Sack!

  19. Hope to see you tomorrow on the next Creative HomeAcre hop!


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